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Wolfgang Keller, managing director of the Konigsbrau TAK, managed to establish a reputation for hard work, productivity and commitment to his work. His dedication to problem-solving has played a crucial role in his growth over the years, which have seen him climb slowly to senior management. As managing director, Keller was charged with ensuring that all job procedures proceeded as expected, with few to no exceptions. Keller, however, had some difficulties, particularly with another highly respected senior manager named Dmitry Brodsky. Brodsky was the commercial director of the institution and was in charge of publicity and distribution operations in Konigsbrau-TAK. Keller believed Brodsky`s performances were not at the level required of a manager of his rank. As a result, Keller was desperate to find immediate solutions to solve some of the problems that stemmed from Brodsky`s management techniques.

Keller was ever insistent on the need for maintaining positive relations with distributors and other partners of the company as they were the closest link to client preferences. Contrastingly, Brodsky held a different perspective as he was more focused on analytical tasks and developing sustainable control and information systems. Therefore, the difference in perspective was pivotal in catalyzing the fallout between the two senior managers. Keller felt that Brodsky was complacent on several sensitive issues that were instrumental to the progress of the organization. First, Keller believed Brodsky failed to respect deadlines. Most of the delegations to Brodsky`s department were not completed in desired time which more often than not led to Keller stepping in to correct the deviations.

Moreover, Keller also had an issue with Brodsky`s management techniques which he found to be inappropriate for the sales and marketing post. Kelly reiterated the importance of maintaining a social relationship with colleagues, subordinates, distributors and even clients to the success of the company. Thus, he was against Brodsky`s reserved management style that reduced personnel contact thus compromising on workplace harmony and cooperation. Indeed, there was an evident conflict in style as Keller believed in a more hands-on approach while Brodsky was reliant on traditional managerial techniques which were focused on maintaining the manager-subordinate status quo.

In a bid to respond to the challenges that emerged consistently between him and Brodsky, Keller had to choose between three options. The first option was to fire Brodsky and free the company of his archaic management techniques. However, this move was not appropriate since it would cost the company a highly rated, experienced and skilled employee. Another option was to reorganize organizational duties such that sales and marketing would be treated as separate entities; also, Keller thought of failing to give Brodsky an annual pay rise in a bid to coerce him to resign. Eventually, Keller opted to implement three essential strategies to help change the situation. Keller informed Brodsky that he would be required to work with Zelenko, the company`s senior sales representatives who had better links and associations with customers. Secondly, Brodsky would be required to involve and integrate colleagues from the organization`s management committee where the entire team will participate in brainstorming and problem-solving activities. The last suggestion was designed to help Brodsky improve his relationship with the entire team through regular field trips. Keller`s plan of action bore fruits as Brodsky`s attitude and general performance improved gradually over time, consequently proving Keller`s brilliance as a manager and his ability to sort problems in the right manner.

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