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This is a technique where snipers and mercenaries are hired by terrorists to execute individuals, particularly leaders of countries they consider their enemies. Terrorists destabilize nations by assassinating influential figures, presidents, or lawmakers, giving a warning that they are willing to do something as a way to deter leaders from messing in their affairs.
Hijacking as a tool of their agenda has also been used by terrorists. As they did with Achille Lauro, they specifically attacked passenger airplanes and ships. By hijacking ships and airplanes, terrorist put the nation involved at a compromise sometimes forcing them to negotiate whatever they want.
Kidnapping and hostage taking
Kidnapping and hostage taking is also a common tactic for terrorist. Boko Haram of Nigeria recently kidnapped over 200 school girls forcing the government of Nigeria to negotiate the release of the innocent girls. Recently in Kenya, terrorist aligned to Al-Shabaab of Somalia took hostages at the Westgate Mall in the capital city, Nairobi, killing some of them and giving Kenya government a hard time. They used this tactic to try and force Kenyan government to withdraw its armed forces from Somali where they are cracking down terrorist.
Bombing is a common tactic for terrorist in passing their message. The 9/11 bombing of World Trade Center, 1998 bombing of US embassies in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are some of the examples of terrorist use of bombing in which they inflict injuries and a lot of deaths on innocent civilians.
Question two
According to Hoffman, the signing of Atlantic charter and the fall of Singapore led to sprouting of many terrorist groups based ethnic and racial fronts. These events led to the emergence of many such groups throughout the world.
Question three
The hijacking of Israel El Al commercial flight by Palestine Liberation Organization in July 1968 in which the terrorist threatened to kill everyone on board if Israel did not release prisoners and the hijacking of Achille Lauro ship in 1985 in which they made the same demands.
Question four
The Munich Olympic attack by terrorist was a success in the short run because today people in Munich still go to stadiums to watch sports thus proving that the scare did not last as they intended. It gave the government an opportunity to heighten its security measures (Large 12).
Question five
Irgun used the normal terrorist tactics in defeating British before WWII. The terrorist could kidnap British officers and beat them in public until their government accepted to leave their territory. They also humiliated captured British officers and even killed some thus forcing the British to surrender (Hoffman 50).

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