Why Nursing is a Good Major to Choose

A foremost in nursing provides greater opportunities no longer only for professional development, but private growth as well. To earn a nursing degree, unless you undertake an accelerated program and if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (B.D.N.), then you usually have to pursue another two years (2) of nursing specific schooling. A principal in nursing will prepare you adequately to practice in all healthcare settings. As incoming freshmen, therefore, you have to consider choosing a major in nursing due to the fact you will get more and advanced nursing education that ensures more opportunities after accreditation.
Taking a major in nursing ensures students more options. It is imperative to bring to your attention that nursing school programs differ not only in length of study, but also in intensity of learning. For example, students who wish to get employment as soon as possible usually go for a one-year diploma and become an L.P.N. Such a program will prepare a nursing student for basic medical experience to provide some care directly to patients. On the contrary, a major in nursing involves spending more years in school taking more advanced nursing courses, undertaking your own scientific research, and honing other essential skills like effective communication and leadership, and critical thinking. The graduate is usually qualified to perform more and complex medical duties not available, for example, to L.P.N. Therefore, a major in nursing increases access to many career opportunities.

Furthermore, choosing a major in nursing guarantees great job security. If job security is a priority for you, you will be glad to know that choosing a major in nursing is an option that holds a bright future for you. Statistics from the United Stated Department of Labor indicate a steady demand in new and replacement nurses. Moreover, it is important to note that great nurses are increasingly in higher demand in almost every level in the healthcare sector. By selecting a career-focused major college major like nursing, you will undoubtedly be preparing yourself for a future of unlimited learning and growth potential. If you take a major in nursing and become a great practitioner, you are best assured of many job opportunities from which you can opt for.

Moreover, a major in nursing is challenging, interesting, and improves one’s ability to make a difference in people’s lives. The advanced nature of nursing major exposes students to many complex aspects of patient care. Also, nursing is a science and greater nurses are not only usually present next to a doctor, but also play a critical role when it comes to saving lives. As a healthcare practitioner, you will be trusted with very sensitive information and you will be expected to do things by book and maintain utmost confidentiality of patient information. Taking a major in nursing, for example, you will develop a greater ability to analyze the pathology of patients and diagnostic assessment results ultimately leading to well-informed decision on how to proceed with the patient. Additionally, you will develop greater ability to analyze cardiac strips and initiate resuscitation in emergency cases. Most important, you will hone the ability to make critical decisions within a split second regarding which particular specialist to call, which clinical equipment to turn on, and what specifically the patient should do or know. Choosing a major in nursing will help you take on greater amount of responsibility that can save many lives.

In conclusion, it is prudent to reiterate taking a major in nursing exposes a student to more advanced nursing training and more opportunities. It is an incredible choice that allows one to utilize their interest in science and the desire to help those in dire need. It will help one to generate a deeper understanding of the many facets of a nursing career. Once you do more research, and come to the realization of the variety of opportunities for professional development and personal growth, you will absolutely be certain that a major in nursing is the choice for you.

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