Why is it better and smarter to sake a gap year?

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With the rising number of seniors in high school deciding to take a gap year before beginning their freshman year, it could only mean that it has become safer and wiser to do so. Harvard recorded a 33 percent rise in students taking gap years, according to Berke.” From this, it is clear that there are related benefits from pursuing such as strategy.” The capacity to explore oneself is one of the reasons why taking such a gamble is safer. Many learners who take a gap year are likely to discover and align their interests with their academic studies (Hoder). Meaning they make better academic choices by pursuing a degree that will be useful in their future.

There is also the benefit of improved performance where Lieber points out that most universities such as Harvard and MIT have reported on gap year students attending higher GPAs. The same can be noted on their involvement in school-related extra curriculum activities. Taking a gap year is a smart decision as it can greatly improve the individuals’ job opportunities. During a gap year, an individual is likely to explore several things to include internships, voluntary work and other jobs (Davidson Institute for Talent Development). The result of this is a work experience that employers look for in applicants.

In conclusion, it is evident that taking a gap year is better and a smart strategy given the several benefits that it allows for. Gap years are a time to truly explore and discover the interests and capabilities that one is able to attain apart from their formal education. Therefore, taking one allows students to reconnect with their interests and align them with both their academics and future careers.

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