Why am I volunteering?

Because of many rationales, I volunteer, both based on the revolving motto of promoting the values of service as a cornerstone of a worthwhile enterprise and particularly encouraging and promoting the growth of acquaintances as an opportunity for service. In addition, in business and proper work ethics, I follow high ethical values, the appreciation of the value of any profession, and the dignification of the job and occupation of each Rotarian as a possibility to serve society.
In gaining practical experience, volunteering is key. Through charity work, I am able to spend time in a given field and get exposed to the procedures of carrying out tasks and the order and manner in which the tasks are done hence gaining professional experience in the execution of tasks within a profession. Additionally, I bring a sense of satisfaction that is not associated with paid jobs, essentially volunteering is giving back to the society and thus if fulfilling by the virtue of selflessness associated with it. Volunteering is not an easy job, but it is one of the most uplifting jobs one can engage in due to the fact that is done out of individuals’ own will.

It also brings out new interests, hobbies, and opinions; moreover, volunteering has helped me expand my horizons in these aforementioned areas. There is also the role in stress reduction, experts have reported that when individuals focus on things other than themselves, their tension-producing patterns are likely to be interrupted. In addition, charity work encourages civic responsibility since the individual is basically investing in the community. From this perspective, it creates connections between people which is a big bonus for me. Regardless of the age, building relationships with people are crucial. Penultimately, volunteering allows me to meet a wide variety of people from all sorts of walks of life which I find exciting and a big boost to my personal; development. Last but not least, volunteering brings out and fosters career Options in me by helping me narrow down the cars I would like to major in at college after the exposed from volunteering. Charity work gives students opportunities to test out the desired career path. Concurrently, it gives them an edge on their resume.

Football is a very interesting game that has varied approaches, especially when dealing with young players. I have been a football teacher of the young fifth-grade boys’ team in my area, first I had to inculcate the spirit of teamwork and ensure that the boys know that they had just one target when they got to the field; winning. Football is a hectic sport that requires stamina and thus the boys had to be strong, disciplined and hard working. Incorporating the mentality of becoming victorious on the field helped nature the spirit of devotion in the boys, where I would ensure that they all woke up early and started doing exercises before training. We would train on a daily basis before they took breakfast and continued with the training in the evening after classes.

I hope to employ my secondary school education in the community by helping tutor and mentor younger students on the various aspects of life; academically and socially. This shall be possible by visiting schools and interacting with the young students on the streets. I shall be a role model willing to mentor the young generation and ready to help the community members deal with their physical pain through therapy from their places of reside and during their activities such as games.

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