What’s it like to an American

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When most humans are posed with the question as to what is an American? The most common and typical reply would be one who is born in the United States of America. Yet when requested about an in-depth meaning as to what is an American? Besides a place of birth, we begin to see that views may additionally vary depending on individual’s perspective. Even though we can’t dispute that being born in the United States of American innately makes you America, however, an American is in my opinion, anyone who has adapted to its culture and contributed to its growth. Because if we primarily based the definition solely on the place of birth, we take away the essence of the country that was built upon immigrants. American, therefore, is someone who understands the culture of USA and has positive impacts towards its development.

It is embarrassing to define Americans as persons who were born in the country. The United Sates of American is a mixture of cultural diversity people who shares a common identity, and this makes me rule out the virtue of birth as the determinant of whether someone is an American or not. Most people dream of being American since they believe the land enjoys peace, prosperity, and unity. Achieving the three can only be possible if and only if the residence, both immigrants, and natives, are ready to embrace diversity. People need to accept their neighbors irrespective of their origin as longer as the neighbor has a mission of building the nation. Being American comes with the responsibility of respecting each other to enhance peace and unity which are key pillars of development. What makes the USA a developed nation is a diverse culture that is united to development.

A long time ago, my mom told me that human being must be fearless of change and should welcome variety to live a meaningful life. I totally agree with her. America welcome people from different countries. They come with various reasons, but the most obvious one is to look for a greater and better life. The immigrants need well-paying job opportunities that may not be available in the countries, and at the same time, they consider the environment where they are going to work. It is a challenge to the natives regarding career competition. Therefore, an American must accept change and compete equally for the opportunity. America has become a melting pot of cultures where everyone is provided with equal opportunity as supported in the rule of law.

In the past, the nation has been faced with some war including Civil War but those come to an end. People like the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln deserves credit for play a bigger role in putting the end mark to such challenges. As at now, the American are happy to be a free nation. A nation where residents can choose their religion without interference by anybody. The freedom does not end there; an American has the freedom to education. With education, I can confidently say that one of the characteristics of an American is a person who is fearless and can speak out his or her mind anywhere at any time.

In short, being an American is not a matter of birth. An American is someone who represents diversity and appreciates other people’s ways of life. Besides, an American is someone who can embrace liberty and freedom, fearless of change and welcomes variety, and does not pledge an allegiance to a flag but humanity.

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