What suggestions would you offer to Art to improve his operation?

What suggestions would you make to Artwork to help him improve his business plan?
Mr. Benton, in my opinion, should set up a management training program before offering the new managers their store to work in. Observing his unsuccessful attempts to provide similar services in state offices and the office’s success, it would have been critical to train his supervisors in state offices to reduce uncertainty about how he wanted the operation to be run by the managers. Similarly, instead of driving, I would recommend using video conferencing. This would be more cost-effective, and you would be able to convene meetings to address any problems that arise more often. As the managers complained that they should have the authority of making changes, these opportunities would have been granted if Mr. Benton felt that the managers are capable of conducting their jobs effectively contrary to the way he wants the company to be run.

What management skills must Art master if he is to resolve his problems and continue to grow? Which of the categories from the textbook relate to these skills?

Mr. Benton should master certain management skills to be able to solve the problems efficiently as well as to continue growing through developing and training his managers into more appropriate planning, organizing, and decision-making ideal. He should employ his skill into effective way through communicating to his managers and finding a suitable solution to any conflict. Likewise, he should work on his technical expertise using the available technology. They will help in training the staff required to perform a particular task. Art needs to plan and give the objectives that he wants to be accomplished. Similarly, he should track the progress of the company to determine if there are any fruitful changes.

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