What is Success?

People frequently set goals that they intend to achieve within a precise period by using the sources that are available. In essence, the achievement of the goals that one has set indicates that the individual has performed quite well. Therefore, one can define success as the attainment of the a range of targets and objectives that one had set at the onset of a given activity or project. In reality, the fulfillment of a given goal requires that one dedicates much energy and time to the direction of performing the activities as set in the schedule. There are different definitions of the term ‘‘success” relying on the nature of business one is undertaking. Although the proper execution of some activities is beneficial to the society, some actions are detrimental to the welfare of the community.

The first definition of ‘success' is that it is the attainment of personal strategies that one had set and had actively been working to accomplish. A majority of the society members set personal goals and do not compete with other personalities who are performing similar activities. Therefore, the efficient accomplishment of individual strategies significantly portrays that a person has made substantial progress in life. The success that one obtains by setting specific plans is an indication of careful coordination of the various resources that influence the solution of a given challenge in one's life. For instance, an individual can set a goal that aims at the elimination of the problems that the person undergoes. Therefore, the removal of the challenge that one experiences satisfy the definition of ‘‘success.”

One can also define success as happiness that an individual experiences at a particular scenario in life. Indeed, the joy that one exhibits in particular situations in life is reminiscent of the welfare of the person. An examination of the lives of personalities in the society indicates that happiness results from effective plans and hard work that one commits in the course of performing specific duties. One can efficiently achieve a given set of ideas by actively managing the time and resources that are available within the person's environment. Notably, the efficient utilization of the resources within an individual's surrounding critically enhances the individual's satisfaction and happiness. In particular, an individual who has developed appropriate plans and has worked towards the realization of the strategies is likely to be happy at the end of the event thus indicating that the person has succeeded.

‘‘Success” also refers to the change that one brings to the lives of other personalities living in the society or a particular region. People who perceive success as the variations in the lives of the community members are majorly politicians or humanitarians. Specifically, the category of persons mentioned above often work towards improving the statuses of the citizens thus a remarkable progress in the welfare of the community is a clear indication of success. For example, politicians often promise to represent the interests of the electorates and bring positive changes in the community. One can thus deduce that when leaders consider the needs of the society members, it is evident that such individuals have succeeded. The success that results from the positive changes in the lives of the society is important and contributes significantly to having better relationships between the community members and the leaders.

Finally, ‘‘success” is also a situation where a person likes a specific activity and enjoys the process of performing particular tasks. Besides, the intrinsic motivation to sufficiently execute specific duties, makes a person develop self-appreciation and high levels of dedication. An individual can develop interest and show commitment in particular activities if the tasks are well-defined. For instance, the duties that are precise yet challenging motivate people and influence the levels of optimism that one portrays. It is worth noting that a majority in the society gain the morale to continue working hard or initiate another action if there are high levels of success in the initial ventures. However, the person who does not efficiently execute their duties suffers humiliation and loses interest in engaging in other tasks. Also, the personal love that one displays in the course of the performance of a given task is necessary for the improvement of the person's perceptions towards success. On the contrary, individuals who do not show any appreciation for the activities that they perform perceive success as a situation that is not possible to attain.


To sum up, people perceive ‘success' differently thus the numerous definitions that individuals attach to the term. As discussed in this essay, humanitarians and politicians view success as the positive change in the welfare of the society while other people define ‘‘success” as the situation that results when one achieves personal goals. Also, some influential personalities perceive success as the happiness that results from the proper execution of one's activities. The success that people witness in the course of the performance of a given set of roles depends on proper planning and active time management.

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