What is Justice? The Video

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I can only describe justice as an equal distribution of resources in such a way that the needs and interest of all members of society are met while watching the video “what is justice” Many thinkers such as Aristotle, who claimed that equality for equality and injustice for unequal should exist, have studied the idea of distributive justice. Aristotle’s approach to distributive justice is controversial, however, because it considers that not all social classes in society work for membership of a social class and therefore it is no good to equate individuals who inherit wealth with those who work to make wealth. Apart from that, the manner in which the society is constructed makes it difficult to ensure equality for all, especially in a global context. For example, most of the Western nations acquired their wealth through the assistance or exploitation of other people like the labor provided by slaves in America and the natural resources taken from Africa to build the economies of European countries. It is therefore hard to blame the poor African people for not earning a social status through skills and talents for the opportunities of obtaining those individual merits have never been the same for people across the world.

What comes out of the justice discussion which features the take of Aristotle, John Rawls, Marx and Robert Nozick is that justice needs to be applied in the process of acquiring something, its distribution, and rectification of injustice. Therefore, the wealthy people of the world need to analyze how they earned their wealth and if it was acquired by oppressing others who are currently poor, then they should share that wealth with that group to enable the poor community have the basic needs that can grant them happiness.

Overall, the idea of justice is easy to study and understand but challenging to implement and ensure the equal access to resources and balanced experience of happiness for all people in the world.

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