What Is an Artwork?

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Art is a way of expressing ones creative skill using mediums like painting and molding. It is a skill that comes from appreciating the works that have been produced because of their beauty. It is not usually based on the outcomes visually, but also on auditory and performances (Andina 2017). The main target of art is to show an expression for art materials because of their beauty or emotional prowess. There are many forms of art including performance and visual arts. Visual arts are the creation of objects with skills such as photography and sculpting to attract people’s attention. Performance art involves using the abilities of humans in films, movies, and theatres to showcase their acquired skills through performance.

Additionally, art is a comprehensive and sophisticated concept encompassing one’s thoughts, intuitions, desires, and emotions. It serves as an expression of natural feelings of humans, which cannot be explained by language alone (Dissanayake, 2015). Therefore, certain human skills need a vehicle to be delivered since words alone cannot convey the real meaning. Hence, such situation makes the artists express their skills through media, which serves as a universal vehicle to showcase art. However, the use of media does not always bring out the real art, and therefore, the points of a great importance are how the media is used by artists and the way the content is conveyed. Also, art in its entirety focuses on grasping the whole world, not in physical sense, but the human world in particular. Therefore, the minimum requirement for the existence of art is the apparent recognizance by the audience (Dissanayake, 2015). Conclusively, one of the main functions of art is revealing a skill without explanation by the performer.


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