Warrant: Governments prioritize the image of their cities and financial benefits above the needs of the poor people.

I contend that the government is more concerned with games and city development than with its citizens and their rights.
Because the government frequently overlooks the needs of the poor when developing infrastructure for gaming activities in host cities, this is the case.
… is based on the eviction of poor Rio residents as the city prepared to host the 2016 Olympic Games.
Acknowledgement and Response
The majority of city administrative bodies tend to overlook the need to protect the poor during so-called development projects.
Such steps often result in the physical displacement of the poor residents of Acknowledgement and Response
Most of the administrative bodies of the cities tend to overlook the need for the protection of the poor during the ‘so called’ development projects. Such steps often result in the physical displacement of the poor residents of the specific cities, for instance, Rio in this case. It is a result of the need to promote the ‘distorted’ image of the country to the visitors by try to update the infrastructure of the cities. Poor people are inclusive and exist within every domain of a society including social, political, economic, and technological aspects.

The displacement of the residents of Rio was the direct consequence of the unjustified greed of the city’s administration and the need to present an intangible and immaculate image of the city to the visitors who came from all corners of the world. The government a spent large amount of money to build poor infrastructural facilities which only lasted for a few months – almost the duration of the Olympic Games. The facilities were intended to appeal the visitors who crowded the region to witness the games. However, the end of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games marked the foundation of the negligence that was extended to the poor development of the region (Bevins).
Also, corruption was widespread, which was quite observable, as the tenders were awarded only by unfair means. The whole process of tendering was itself an unjustified act. Favoritism marked the inception of the undeserved awarding of warrants of work (Einbinder, 62). Consequently, the poor were physically displaced from their home settings for the construction of facilities. It was quite interesting to observe that these poor families were left on their own after taking away their homes from them. The government was trying to develop the city at the cost of the rights of the poor people of Rio.

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This is an online source. It was result of search conducted on the Google platform. It provided a succinct title which related to the topic at hand.
Einbinder, Nathan. Dams, Displacement and Development. Springer International Publishing , 2017.
This source was secured from the Harvard Library database. It is a book that specifically addresses the displacement of the people of Rio.

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