Volunteering at Community Welfare Group

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The recollections of working as a volunteer in the community welfare group during vacations are still vivid. The chance to offer free offerings presented an opportunity to help the deprived when everyone else seemed unconcerned. Initially, I felt frightened realizing I had to have interaction with the older men and women in their 50’s. Nevertheless, I considered my younger age an opportunity to learn from the old. The mature men and girls told stories about their experiences at my young age.
The subject matter of world wars erupted including the consequences of losing cherished ones. The stories and advice completely modified my perception about life. I finally understood what it meant to persevere and believe in oneself. These true-life events triggered my reflection on class literature the novel, “The Old Man and the Sea” that emphasized on pursuing one’s goals regardless of what others feel. These experienced and well-seasoned individuals taught me a lesson I will never forget. Their advice not only confirmed but also strengthened my resolve to persist in all my endeavors towards realizing my lifetime goals.

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