Volcano and Moon

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The moon, the full moon, a stunning figure in the sky lighting up our world
Representing the reality that despite all the darkness of life, light is usually present.
The contemporary environment, coupled with a generation of technological know-how geeks.
Natural calamities that cannot get resolution the use of these devices, oh what a world we live in
Volcanoes a perfect instance of these tragedies, where are we headed with all these issues
Vegetation, a factor that makes the surroundings appear even more pleasing than it is.
Different colors by specific plantation brings with it the aura of beauty
Volcanoes erupting in forested areas bringing with them destruction along the way
Clear instance of the contrary intent of some people to ruin beautiful moments in life

Negativities that society ought to shun for the more significant development of individuals

Smoke emerging from the volcano, an illustration of a well-known notion in society

Notion implying that any vigorous activity has to come with a signal despite its state

The figure, mirror in society for ignorant individuals that love preying on innocents

State of the area is a calm night, volcanoes, bright and shiny under the light of the moon

Just as this volcano captures attention so will negative human activity come to the light?

Volcano, a naturally occurring event in many places regardless of the location.

The most common areas that are involved with the volcanos are the tropics.

Asia area with most common occurrence of the quakes and volcanoes in the contemporary world

Research enables scientists gain a better understanding of this naturally occurring phenomena.

Volcanoes, phenomena that has baffled scientists for numerous years through unpredictability.

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