Visual Art; Painting

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Visual art, like every other type of art, is a form of communication that attempts to communicate a concept in the form of an image. Aside from vision, other visual art elements include form, picture, color, space, line, texture, and value, among others. Furthermore, visual art is careful and informative. Visual arts come in a variety of styles, ranging from ceramics to film. Painting is my favorite artistic art form. As a result, this paper aims to comprehend painting as an art form, as well as to explain why it stands out and to include examples of support. Painting is one of the most ancient forms of visual arts, which involves the use of colors to express ideas on a surface, such as a wall or a canvas. Arguably, the act of painting can involve other elements such as sand, paper, clay or any other objects to fully give an imagery of the intended idea. For a given painting, the colors are used to set the tone, the materials/objects incorporated set the non-traditional elements while the rhythm is set by the general outcome of the paint. The painting medium can be blended with fluids, from highly viscous such as oil to less viscous such as water, depending on the intended outcome. The paint can be sprayed, digitally painted, applied for highly viscous paint or painted using a brush.

Consequentially, the diversity of paintings on its applications and expressions make paintings the most unique visual art. This is because it serves as an improved version of other arts such as drawings, thus, can easily be incorporated in any event. In comparison to sculptures and drawings, they set a mood and highlight the core concepts using color, which might not be captured in the two. Paintings are keen on background, the surrounding and the end expression, which can easily be omitted in drawings and sculptures. In addition, painting can set the mood for any occasion. It is used as silent expressions of ideas at given time, due to the fine outcome of the end product. In as much as all visual arts have this attribute, painting is superior due to the tools used (color and objects).

Paintings give birth to ideas, such as music, poetry or any other art, which also makes it superior in comparison to other visual arts. Both video and ceramic visual arts have this attribute, however, painting clearly depicts the mood, tone and rhythm in its outcome. Videos might be exaggerated, thus, might give the wrong idea in the end while other ceramic visual arts do not capture little details such as color and use of objects in expressing ideas. Thus, paintings come out with more originality and wider coverage of a given concept.


In conclusion, paintings are diverse. They are a way of capturing a thousand words in a small surface, considering the tiny aspects such as the background, mood and rhythm of the art that might be omitted in other forms of visual art. Painting involves the use of diverse products and a wide range of application of the paint to express an idea. As a result, it stands out from the rest since it can be easily incorporated, modified and molded to fit any environment. Clearly, it thoroughly explains a concept as compared to other visual arts, which explains why I prefer it over other visual arts.

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