Visual Archaeology

Visual archaeology, as the identify suggests, is any supportive materials that helps explanation of any archeological structure. O’Brien’s definition of visual archaeology tells us about the cities and towns that are representative of the perfect place of inhabitation for people. The following image meets O’Brien’s definition of visible archaeology from the aspect of being a visual illustration of an ideal living place. It is apparent from the image that it offers a extraordinarily attractive visualization of architectural beauty of a constructing that can either be used as a model of
school or an tutorial building or a church or a library. The outside surroundings of the structure perfectly matches with the beauty of the building and enhances its glory.

Obrien criticizes how modern era people tend to destroy archeological beauty in the name of progress. He defies the idea and takes his stand to support of the ancient architectural layout and structures that manifest history and bear tradition and cultural values. As seen from the image above, the structure seems upholding the ancient traditional values and historical architecture while it matches the architectural development of the modern time. Such structures can be of great importance from visual archeological point of view and may be used widely as a supportive material while explaining archeological connection between ancient and modern time. The large space that surrounds the place clearly matches Obrien’s definition of visual archeology, in which he emphasizes on having breathing spaces for structures and people.

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