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Since it is wise to improve performance, working in a naval base requires dedication, integrity, and the capacity to strive for success. Every organization has a disciplined culture that prioritizes important matters above less significant ones. A competent leader must make sure that all decisions are made with the institution or organization’s growth in mind, not only for personal advantage. A leader can do more by trying to strengthen their areas of weakness and use their areas of strength for increased performance.
In order to effect change within an organization, leadership needs to be committed and possess critical thinking abilities. One of my positive experiences as a leader in the Naval Academy is being able to relate and give advice to others with clarity and without being judgmental or biased. Being open-minded gives me confidence to address issues affecting performance, employees, and other stakeholders without offending anyone or creating distrust. Building trust requires one to relate well with everybody regardless of religion, color, or class without discrimination. Any advice given must not harm the emotions of individual seeking it but should give a solution to the problem being addressed. However, one must be well informed and do research that will help in understanding the situation facing other individuals. Being competent and having good character helps any leader to address issues with precision and in a manner that does not encourage discrimination or judgment. My leadership style in a naval camp requires me to be honest and be of good character if I have to help others. The nature of work in this field may affect the emotional wellbeing of individuals thus, they may need constant advice and words of encouragement. Being able to offer the service makes me happy and focused to do more to the people.
The negative experiences I encounter are very humiliating and discouraging thus requires one to be strong. For instance, the Lieutenant’s question as to why he is not resonating with the company was a difficult question to answer. Although I enjoy helping people in resolving their issues without discrimination, some questions may be difficult to answer. For instance, I felt that I could not provide sufficient explanation and this made me feel discouraged. Another negative experience is parading in sweat pants when others are in uniform or if told to pick paper towels from the floor. Such experiences are embarrassing and humiliating to me. Avoiding being judgmental when offering advice is made positive by my ability to work towards the same goal of helping my colleagues in solving personal and work-related issues. The individuals who have received some advice from me agree that my contribution has a positive change in their lives and is of great relevance. This is a great encouragement to any leader in an organization after earning trust from colleagues at work. However, the negative experiences are due to being unable to uphold the standards and get to the level of the company. If this happens, disagreements can arise and make someone quite uncomfortable. Experiences that tend to humiliate an individual can be very stressing leading to low self-esteem.
Section 2
Different leaders, followers, and situations can influence experiences in life in several ways depending on the prevailing circumstances. One of the experiences in which I exercised good leadership include my when I held a discussion with the youngsters about my commitment to helping them solve their problems. In addition, assisting them to adjust to the daily routine at the academy made them quite happy despite being away from their families. Good leadership is influenced by the ability of an individual to listen and give advice on ways of solving various life issues. Children love a friendly environment in which their voices are heard and problems addressed. Being with them makes, them feel secure and I can encourage them to move on pursuing their dreams. If one is a good leader people will always come for advice and encouragement in issues affecting their lives. This is very encouraging since it enhances confidence in matters related to leadership and judgment. However, it is wise to take enough time to analyze the situation before offering any kind of advice to midshipmen.
One of the instances I experienced poor leadership is when I made decisions without taking time to think about the situation. Whenever, someone comes for advice, he/she trusts that you will offer a solution and help the individual to move forward. Offering an explanation that is not satisfactory may mislead the individuals seeking advice and lead them to making poor decisions in life. In addition, getting emotional during a conversation can be very dangerous since it leads to misunderstanding and sometimes violence. For instance, if a person has issues related to relationships with the managers or lieutenant it is wise to analyze the situation well to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Questions should be directed towards the moral obligations of an individual and ethical considerations should play a big role. Siding with any person is wrong and can lead to poor leadership outcomes. However, some issues are difficult to handle but I always find a way of helping. For instance, advising a midshipman, Smith who had verbally mistreated a female colleague about misconduct was quite difficult. However, I made him understand the importance of good work relationship and appreciation of every member in the organization.
The examples are relevant for leadership since they help one to figure out the features of good leadership in an organization. For instance, taking enough time before advising a client is very important since it gives one enough time to research and come up with viable solutions to the problem. Making hasty judgment can be dangerous thus it is a good idea to cite examples of good and bad leadership experiences. As a leader I need to understand the positive and negative sides of leadership and work on my weaknesses.
Section 3
As a leader I am expected to be a role model to many people and every day experience is very important whether negative or positive. Whenever, somebody experiences bad leadership one can learn several things from the situation. For instance, the reactions of other individuals can help in working on one’s weakness and help in improving leadership skills. The negative experiences help one to be a better leader in future by working on the weakness to improve them. It is hard to recognize good leadership without experiences that encourage or challenge someone’s decisions. A good experience will always help a person to discover his/her strengths and use them to help others. I will incorporate the knowledge gotten from my experiences into my role as a leader by making use of the positive ones to help as many people as possible. The negative ones will help me to work out on my weak areas and improve my performance.
My experience and knowledge will be very useful in future since I aspire to be a detailer for plebes in June 2017 where leadership skills are very important. Since I also play baseball, I will apply the experience in team building and help the members to work together to reach the same goals. In one year’s time, I intend to be one of the best leaders and role models of the younger midshipmen. This will enable me to address their issues and help them to manage challenges that emerge. In five-years, I will be on the fleet as an officer working with others and providing solutions to issues as they arise to enlisted seamen.
As a leader within the brigade, my leadership skills will play a big role especially in ensuring teamwork. I will employ my experiences by providing a level playing ground in which every member will have a chance to demonstrate leadership skills through participation. According to Murnane “The two things you perpetually have control over in life are your attitude and your effort”. The idea will be to help each individual in the brigade to identify positive and negative leadership skills and workout on his/her weakness for better outcomes. I will be holding meetings with the members twice a week to provide a chance for them to demonstrate their leadership qualities and ability to offer solutions to emerging issues. The meeting will take a form of debate in which group leaders will discuss various leadership issues and possible solutions.
Leadership requires openness and I feel that hard work can improve performance of every individual. My experiences as a leader have taught me several lessons and allowed me to handle difficult issues facing colleagues at work. However, I have experienced negative ones especially when I do not take enough time before handling an issue. However, the experience has allowed me to work on my weakness and improve my leadership qualities. I now focus on providing advice after a thorough scrutiny of the issue, which will ensure quality decisions by people seeking my assistance.
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