Violence at home

The essay, ‘Till death’ addresses domestic abuse in society in detail. South Carolina, which ranks among the largest and most consistent deaths among women as a result of domestic violence, is the subject of the study. The paper addresses the complaints of women who survived abusive marriages and relationships. This article includes multiple groups performing different positions. First of all, women in this article are those who nearly lost hope because of the lack of action against Domestic violence in South Carolina. It has been highlighted that ‘more than 300 women are killed in domestic abuse in South at a terrific rate of one woman in every 12 days” (Daly, 2017). The Article notes that other states were progressive in making reform measures but in South Carolina State official have remained reluctant. Measure to deal with domestic violence in South Carolina die in the legislative process.

Becky Caham who was optimistic that South Carolina State Chambers would support her in passing a law meant to protect Domestic victims was received with scorn (Daly, 2017). The law makers put insignificant efforts, they leniently treated lawbreakers and site side aside limited funds to boost prevention programs. They refused pleas to toughen penalties against the abusers.

The other group is the lawmakers who are selfish and self-centered. The article highlights the satire, where the legal system put up with a system, where a person imprisoned for five years because of abusing a dog but system that jails a man for only 30 days because of beating up his wife or fiancée (Daly, 2017). The Post and Courier found that guns used in every seven out of ten acts of violence cases yet lawmakers barred efforts to regulate the use of firearms.

The other group of individual are pastors who fuel the domestic violence problem by encouraging abused wived to endure in abusive marriages in the name of suffering is part of life, and Jesus suffered pain”, and that divorce is a sin. The church dealt with domestic violence by counselling the affected couple only for them to strangle each other when they returned home.

This article is an eye-opener to the society which has accepted domestic violence in their homes. In South Carolina, there is a multigenerational behavior of domestic violence passed from parents to children. Domestic violence has rooted in this society, and it has cultivated fear in women. Women endure abusive marriage to save their families from breaking down and the playing the submissive role (Daly, 2017). Men have taken advantage of them by bartering, abusing and breaking their spirits. The nation has encouraged domestic violence because abusive men are treated leniently, and no severe penalties are charged on them fueling domestic violence. Women are powerless as highlighted in the article since they have low sources of income, and other hardly graduate from high schools thus are forced to endure abusive marriages. The question that raised should be, what is the society doing to stop gender stratification? What efforts are being made to instill the right core values in our children?

Mitchell Nealon highlights that domestic violence in incidence that occurs in every twenty minutes in the U.S. She further emphasizes that individuals who suffer domestic abuse become physiologically affected. It includes post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety in survivor (Mitchele, 2016). Additionally, children who experience domestic violence live with effects like performance in school and even death. Domestic violence wastes resources because millions lost in medical and mental health care.

It is high time for users to understand the effects of domestic violence in our families, society and the economy as well. Lawmakers should waste no more time they should resist against domestic violence by setting strict rules.


Daly, E. (2017). Til Death Do Us Part. Simon and Schuster.’.

Mitchele, N. W. (2016). The realities of Domestic Violence and Its Impacts on Our Society. Retrieved from

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