Vikings and their Artwork

Vikings and Art
The vikings are an ancient group of people located in Europe that were known for their artistics artworks and coastal raids. Their arts like riddles and rhymes added to their rich tradition of poetry and telling stories (McDonald 456). On the other hand, thier art actually relied on elements such as metals, stone, wood and ivory. Because of this, they have influenced the art in the modern world. A good example is the Roman Catholic church that use artworks like the crucifix, ornaments, and monuments. These artworks are used to express their beliefs and heritage. Their wood and metal carving skills also played an important role to the sculpture world where daily tools and equipment such as cars, cutlery, building, and furniture have abstract images inscribed for decorations and other purposes (Phillips 213). Furthermore, Vikings stone painting has brought great diversity to stone sculpture, where stones are used to express heritage of society, ancestry, and beliefs of a particular society.

The use of jewelry and ornaments is a trend that originated from the Vikings. Nowadays, people are wearing necklaces and other jewelry that have inscriptions and decorations crafted in bones, iron and other metals from other materials that fit their taste. Another trend influenced by the Vikings is the use of tattoos (Phillips 79). The trend involves decorating the skin with tattoo symbols, pictures, and texts mainly for beauty purposes. A good example of Viking artistic work is Knorr boats, which were designed for long voyages and raids. Knorr boats’ shape design, decorations, and their streamlined nature are the contemporary masterpiece used in scheming modern crafts (McDonald 123). Another example is the exterior inscription of the decoration of equipment used in daily livelihood like utensils, furniture, and interior decors. The use of animal motifs and various symbols to decorate different tools in modern times can be said to be descended from the Vikings (Phillips 59).

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