View on culture/ethnicity, group/organization topics and sex/gender

For any student, it is a responsibility to cultivate a positive attitude towards the topics discussed in a semester. Some students, however, find some subjects enjoyable while finding others to be too hard to understand. Personally, my favorite subjects were sex/gender, culture/ethnicity, and group/organization. Therefore, this paper presents the importance of the themes of my daily life.
As a subject, sex/gender is important because it gives the meaning of appreciating the contributions of people of different genders. Arguably, the subject helped me define different positions in society for people of different sexes. It is imperative to note that gender roles differ from one community to another. Therefore, it is prudent to appreciate the diverse gender roles in the society. Likewise, the topic enabled me to realize that people can achieve different goals and contribute positively to the society irrespective of the gender. The community should appreciate various efforts made in the society regardless of the gender of the one who initiated the efforts. Additionally, the topic enabled me to learn about gender equality. Notably, equality between the sexes is essential as it gives equal opportunity to people in the society regardless of the gender.

Culture/ethnicity, as one of my best topics, is important as it has enabled me to know about various cultural beliefs. Notably, it is imperative to understand the values of diverse communities so that one can learn to appreciate the importance of such beliefs. Especially, the topic has enabled me to know that people can meet their set objectives regardless of their ethnicity. I have learned about peaceful coexistence with people from different backgrounds without discrimination. Essentially, the topic is helpful as it enables learners to appreciate other ethnic groups and hence abolish racism. Importantly, the topic has equipped me with knowledge on the moral values that different cultures teach in various societies.

Group/organization, the third topic I enjoyed, is one of the topics that equipped me to learn the importance of unity. Arguably, the topic helped me in appreciating the contributions of others in my life. Importantly, people require combined efforts so as to achieve various set objectives. The topic has impacted positively in my life as I can now appreciate the efforts other people make in my life so that I may achieve my targets. To achieve the set goals in life, one needs not only his/her efforts but also efforts from other people in the society. Therefore, the topic has positively shaped my life and understanding on the need to be united in a community.

People usually notice the relevance of sociology during different events. I once attended a music concert during the holiday and saw how people from different backgrounds interacted. The concert brought together the youths from various races, ethnicity, religions and cultures. The youths mingled with one another and made friends. In my opinion, such concerts are significant as they promote unity in the society. Notably, youths from a different background could dance with their colleagues from other origins. Additionally, songs from other cultures were played and everyone in the concert enjoyed the songs played regardless of the artists’ backgrounds.

For one to enjoy any given topic, the person has to put more efforts to understand the topic. I dedicated my time towards the course. I did all the assignments in time and presented them within the required timeframe. Additionally, I read all the forums. Therefore, I deserve grade A in this course following all the efforts I have made for the course.

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