According to Shi, David E., and George Brown Tindall (902), the period between 1960 and early 1970 can be vividly remembered by the Vietnam War. The entry of United States into the war in the early Sixties resulted in a rise of many minority groups who felt shot modified during the war. These minority groups consist of the women, the gays and lesbians, and the ethnic groups. The minority groups gained in the following ways.
The first minority crew was the ethnic minority groups which consisted of the African –Americans and blanketed the civil right movements. In 1965, the Congress moved in to sort out the discrimination in vote casting patterns as regards registration of the black voters. The gain was necessitated by the call by the civil group leaders who demanded representation in the voting system. Consequently, the number of black elected officials exponentially increased.

Second minority group during Vietnam War period was women: Women took advantage of the war to advocate for their rights. In the 1960s, women advocated for equal pay and abortion rights among others since the they played a vital role just like their male counterparts during the war. Consequently, Equal Pay Act of 1963 was drafted and the abortion rights legalized in 1960. Besides, women gained the right to ask for a divorce in 1969 and to get senior management positions (Shi, David E., and George Brown Tindall 1030).

The third group consisted of gays and lesbians. After the Vietnam War in the early 1970s, the gays and lesbians had a few gains for instance in 1973, gays and lesbians were removed from the list of mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.

Work Cited

Shi, David E., and George Brown Tindall. America: the essential learning edition. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2015.

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