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A soldier’s job is never done: most soldiers grow up hoping this is not so. One speaker, John F. Groves, wrote Efficient Strategies for Military Veteran Small Business Owners, published in 2017. He believes that most of the small businesses run by veterans are expected to collapse, and it is thus prudent for veterans to better consider the viable methods for sustaining their small businesses. His purpose for the paper was to discuss the tactics that other veterans have used to support their companies. John begins establishing his reputation through a variety of channels, drawing up important data and evidence, and effectively using emotional appeals. In his dissertation, John sets the stage by illustrating a business ownership in Maryland, United States and then he describes the uneven ownership and success of veteran businesses and draws comparison to the large small scale business industry issue and their limitations and successes. He continues by outlining key reasons that lead to most veteran owned businesses to collapse. Possible problem solutions, John suggests making a task chart, task division and delegation based on ability and skill, choosing the business where one_x0092_s skill is best suited and asking for outside help.
Throughout his work, John exploits credible sources that strengthen his argument and appeal to ethos and build his credibility. Some of these sources are: _x0091_Ainspan and Penk_x0092_s When the Warrior returns: Making the transition at home_x0092_, Cadden and Leuder_x0092_s Small Business Management in the 21st Century_x0092_ Myers_x0092_ _x0091_Qualitative research in business and management_x0092_, Mutanda & Myer. The perception of small and micro enterprises in the city of Durban Central District towards financial planning.Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, and _x0091_Cader and Leatherman_x0092_s Small Business survival and sample selection bias. Small Business Economics._x0092_ Using this sources boosts John_x0092_s range and credibility by illustrating that he has research and has provided statistics and facts, as well as opinions of experts to support his claim. At some point, John uses his personal experiences to further support and introduce the argument showing that there is a personal claim in and first-hand information with this issue.
Continuing with his ethos appeals, John appeals strongly to logos, with majority of his statistics and facts and progressions of ideas is logical. He indicates facts about small business owners, their distribution, and contribution to the American economy and the type of businesses they do. _x0093_Small businesses owned by military veterans ( military veteran SBOs) accounted for almost one-half a million companies in the United States, generated over $1.2 trillion in revenues, employed more than 5.8 million workers, and had an annual payroll of approximately $210 billion. Small business owners employ over half of the workforce in the United States, representing approximately 28 million businesses. In 2013, U.S. military veterans owned almost 2.4 million of the registered small businesses (Small Business Administration [SBA], 2014). Small businesses owned by military veterans (e.g. military veteran SBOs) accounted for almost one-half a million companies in the United States, generated over $1.2 trillion in revenues, employed more than 5.8 million workers, and had an annual payroll of approximately $210 billion._x0094_ Not only do this facts introduce but also support the notion that veteran owned businesses plays a crucial role in the American economy. This statistic is one of many that support his claim that small businesses should be effectively strategized to grow and sustain their owners. The numbers and detail create an appeal to logos and impress the panel and reader that this issue is worth noting and discussing.

Together with strong appeals to logos, John creates an effective appeal to pathos in some of the sections. His introduction is full of facts and emotionally moving phrases and words creating an illustrative image; John notes that it is difficult for a veteran t run a business no matter the size without basic training. Even if they are equipped, they have a hard time adjusting to their normal lives let alone run a business. This illustration shows the vulnerabilities and challenges of being a veteran, as well as the high emotions a soldier or veteran feels at that time introduce the argument effectively and the seriousness of the matter. His goal is to make the reader relate to the soldier and veteran. Contributing to the ideas are phrases and words like _x0091_argued,_x0092_ insisted_x0092_ and _x0091_be judged_x0092_. All of these phrases and words evoke both negative and positive emotions of being a soldier making the reader sympathize and adore soldiers. With the concept of fairness, another feeling is reinforced: _x0091_fair share._x0092_ These words and phrases help build the unfairness that exist when small businesses in general attempt to establish themselves only to be pushed out of the market for various reasons like competition, limited expertise and unbalanced state funding. This appeals to the feeling of readers of anger and frustration with injustice and unfairness in trading licenses.

John expects that the findings from the study will help in making a positive social change encompassing the possibility that veteran owned businesses to effectively implement strategies that would reduce business failures. John recommends that further studies be undertaken with focus on specific thematic topics to build a more detailed comprehension of the recommended strategies in minimizing failures related to veteran owned businesses. Helping in the success of veteran owned businesses will have a positive effect in the reintegration of veterans back to the society. Also, this help may continue to several years helping in the sustenance and stabilization of the employees and the veterans who owns the business.

The purpose of this dissertation was to find strategies to help veterans run their businesses. John identified the specific problem to be addressed _x0093__x0085_ the lack of military veteran SBOs strategies to sustain their companies more than 5 years._x0094_ John recommends various strategies that would aid veterans overcome the failures of veteran businesses. John insists that for veteran small businesses to be successful for over five years that it is critical for veterans to explore and discover various channels for them to distribute their products to businesses agencies, communities and organization within and outside the county.
During the study, John carefully examined the responses and case studies and discovered various themes about the perceptions of participants in relation to veteran owned businesses problems. After the examination, John recommends to veterans who own businesses to effectively strategies related to their small businesses that include and not limited to ongoing education, constant networking competitor gap identification and minimizing operation costs by reducing the overhead. These strategies showed that veterans can take comprehensive steps to understand and recognize the problems of better veteran business failures.
After the examination, John recommends the veterans who own small military businesses should implement these strategies to include: _x0093_a stronger networking connection with your contacts and clients, education, competitors_x0092_ analysis, and minimizing or low costs._x0094_ He further argues that in regard to networking and relationships, when dealing with customers, veterans should be open minded and should communicate in a manner a polite manner thus developing relationships. These communications also provide first hand feedback which maybe negative or positive but will help the business grow. Veterans should also put best suited teams giving employees a sense of belonging and involvement. He further recommends that links with other veteran companies must utilize communications and collaborations that would help in the comprehension and maximization of business opportunities.
Fortunately, the end of his dissertation is as effective as the appeal to the ethos. John notes that: _x0093_The findings showed that military veteran owners started a small business venture based on existent residency, varying degrees of market research, and typically financed through financial loans, reinvestment options, or personal savings. The findings also revealed that veteran-owners used networking, ongoing education, gaps of competitors, and maintaining minimizing operating costs strategies._x0094_ At the start of the essay, John starts by trying to explore and understand the existence and contribution of veteran owned businesses and how effectively they are run. At the end, he finds out that there are solutions to best help veterans strategize themselves and run their businesses effectively.
However, the focus of John_x0092_s study is only limited to small rather specific portion of veteran owned small businesses in St. Mary_x0092_s County in Maryland and the responses showed the urgency of need for veteran small businesses intervention measures.

Additionally, the study included veteran businesses that have and are successfully applying these strategies to reduce failure. The study also does not contain veteran owned small businesses that trade in varied specialties and locations. Also, John restricted the participation to only veteran owned small businesses that are located within the County of St. Mary. Thus, each topic is not categorized in his study does not reflect the larger population of most veteran owned small businesses.

Groves, John F .Effective Strategies of military veteran small business owners 2017.

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