Veteran and Vietnamese target population

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The plan was written with the intention of improving access for Asian Indian, Veteran and Vietnamese target population, which were identified within the college to be experiencing disproportionate impact. The plan also intended to support a discount barrier and facilitating a student’s simple accessing education within the region. The Foothill College students with the assistance of existing guiding principles of wrote the plan. The program is supposed to serve various people. First, the plan is for the target population for them to know the extent to which they’re underserved within the institution. Secondly, the plan is for the management of Foothill College for them to possess an understanding of the varied ways and approaches that they will implement to reduce the disparity range between the target populations in this plan another student in the institution. Finally, the plan will be of help to the surrounding community. The community needs to understand the undeserving of these groups. The target groups are inclusive of Latino, Asian, African America, Filipino and the whites. They are considered the target population for the plan, as they are the main groups in the institution that is underserved and underrepresented. Some examples of planned activities for the scheme include development and implementation of mentoring program, support for the 3SP early alert systems as well as reduction of financial gaps for course completion to students with low income. The activities intend to utilize approximately $ 25, 000 over one year period. The primary concern that I have concerning the plan has a basis on the processes stages that the scheme included the target groups to be part of the project as they are the most affected in this case.

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