Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

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Before dating, choosing the right approach to use between the online and the ordinary method can play a significant role in figuring out the long-term success of a relationship. The choice of method can also be critical in evaluating the degree of compatibility between the two potential partners. Even with the technological advancements and the presence of the on-line social platforms, the traditional dating has proven to be greater superior due to the unique approach of assembly face to face where one cannot easily cover incompatible features. Verbal and non-verbal communication are also collectively utilized in the traditional model. Online dating may prevent the non-verbal communication especially when using systems such as Facebook and Twitter.
A common trend that is emerging in the 21st century is the merge of two forms of dating, especially when considering the young generation. It is difficult for the young people, who spend most of their time on the internet, to use the traditional dating method. They, therefore, spend much of their time getting to know about their potential partners through chatting before making the final decision to meet each other. In most cases, the over-reliance on this old-style impacts negatively on the dating success, thus calling for a blend of these two methods with much emphasis laid on the traditional pillars of dating.

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