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Speaking about vegan lifestyle, first, it’s peccary to say , that for several years we’ve domesticated animals like goats, pigs, sheep, cattle, dogs, chicken, fish and lots of others for various reasons. the most purpose for rearing animals is provision of food. Animal foods include meat and animal products like eggs, milk and honey. Besides provision of food, animal also provide other by-products including but not limited to leather, silk, soaps, cosmetics and fur. However, despite the various benefits accrued from rearing of animals there are more shortcomings related to the practice. First and foremost animals have feelings, emotions and senses, and thus they have care and love the way we citizenry do. Various cruel and brutal methods of slaughtering animals subject them to untold suffering and stress. Significantly, killing of animals is unethical and it should be abolished. The killing of animals and its associated suffering can be avoided if we adopt vegan lifestyle. In fact, vegan lifestyle has a lot of benefits to both humans and animals. It is for these reasons that I argue each one of us to embrace vegan lifestyle and also refrain from the habit of abusing and enslaving animals. Let us consider the following facts and truths about animal rearing and going vegan way of life.

Scientific research has revealed that we do not need to eat animals and their products in order to be health. Eating a vegan diet which is well balanced can provide us with all essential nutrients our bodies require for energy and growth. As a matter of fact researchers have combined scientific evidence proving that consumption of foods from plants other than animal foods has substantial health advantages. Indeed, scientific researchers have found that vegan lifestyle helps to curb health disorders such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, various types of cancer, stroke and heart attack. Just imagine living in a society where such ailments are no more a problem, it is indeed joyful and enjoyable. The most wonderful thing in regards to scientific findings on vegan diet is that the most powerful and influential world dietetic and nutritional body, ‘’American Dietetic Association’’ has confirmed health benefits of consuming plant foods. In fact according to American Dietetic Association eating a balanced vegan diet provides our bodies with enough nutrition and helps to prevent and cure various ailments. Nevertheless, the association argues that vegan diet is suitable for us during our entire growth and development stages.

Rearing animals for food has been associated with increased hunger in the world. I t is sad and embarrassing to note that out of total world population of seven billion, an estimated one billion population suffers from malnutrition and over six million children starving to death each year. Rearing animals for food is more wasteful and inefficient than growing food crops. Moreover, animals consume more food from entire food supply chain compared to the food they provide. For us to rear animals for food we must cultivate crops to feed them, the cultivated plants we use to feed animals are more compared to growing crops to feed ourselves directly. For instance, studies have shown that to produce one pound of beef approximately thirteen pounds of grain are required whereas farmed crops like lentils and soy yield one pound for each pound of grain. As a matter of fact soy and lentils produce equal amount of proteins just like beef and sometimes they produce more protein. The inefficiency and wastefulness in rearing animals for food if further worsened by the fact that only little portion of plant food consumed by animals is changed into edible protein. Evidently we use a lot of land, water and crops to rear animals for food. The consequences of this are massive pollution of air and water sources which is harmful to our health. We could avert problem of pollution and its associated health hazards by cultivating crops for food as opposed to rearing animals for food. Furthermore, global agricultural yields analysis has revealed that efficient utilization of available arable lands through crop production can feed additional four billion individuals.

Consumption of animals and their products has contributed greatly to increased cases of heart ailments in United States and worldwide. Most of heart diseases are preventable if we embrace health eating habits such as vegan diets. Ironically, an estimated 2,600 people in U.S die each day from heart related ailments. Surely, losing such high number of people who are young and energetic is a big loss to our economic development. The leading heart disease is coronary artery disorder which is caused by hardening of cholesterol deposits in our arteries. More interestingly, our bodies produce adequate cholesterol which they require and therefore consumption of animal and their products results to excessive levels of cholesterol. Coronary artery disease can be prevented by avoiding animal products and eating well balanced plant diet. In fact plant foods do not contain cholesterol and thus their consumption is beneficial to our bodies. Besides vegan diets preventing heart diseases, scientific research has shown that vegan diet is the only known treatment for heart diseases.

Vegan diets prevent us from being infected by other diseases. A study conducted by China researchers has found that people who feed on vegan diets can avoid chronic diseases such as prostate cancer, diabetes cancer and colon cancer. According to the research people who fed on animal products were susceptible and prone to these aliments. The research also found that vegan diets can treat those diseases.

Some of our main goals that we strive to achieve during our lifetime are slim bodies, physical fitness and looking sex and attractive. Big bodies are burden to majority of us and again they make us look shapeless. These ugly characteristics can make us get depressed and consequently live miserable and unhappy. Going vegan way helps us to reduce that unwanted weight by keeping off excess fats in our bodies. In fact feeding on well balance vegan diet makes our bodies look young, sexier and energetic. When we are health we live happy and joyful lives. This in turn improves our self-esteem and self-actualization and therefore being able to realize our full potential.

Animal rearing has contributed greatly to climate change and environmental pollution. Land degradation, greenhouse effect, destruction of water catchment areas and air pollution are some of major environmental problems caused by rearing of animals for food. As a matter of fact United Nations has advocated for global change from animal food to vegan diet in attempts to curb environmental devastation, hunger and climate change.

In conclusion, it is clear that going vegan has many economic, health and social benefits to each and every one of us. In fact vegan diet harms no one and therefore we should aim at ensuring that we achieve 100% vegan diet. Significantly, animals have feelings, emotions and senses and therefore when we kill them we subject them to untold suffering and stress. Nevertheless, rearing of animals for food is wasteful and inefficient. Vegan diet has potential of alleviating many health disorders and consequently enabling us to have happy, joyful and interesting lives.

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