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Various media have diverse audiences and are important to the writing of specific stories. Accordingly, depending on the newspaper, its culture, its motherland, and the purpose of writing, different stories convey different meanings among readers. It is in this context that this paper critically discusses two papers published by international media houses about America. The paper maintains that the papers express anti-Americanism when articulating problems in the United States of America.
In Aljazeera’s first post, American devotion to order over justice must stop, the writer is worried about the police violence that is unleashed against persons of color and women in America. For a proper understanding of the article, one needs to understand the context of which the article is written. To begin with, it is significant to note that the media in Qatar although free has some level of state censorship (House Freedom 10). Moreover, the audience of the story depends on the story itself, but in most cases, men are the primary audience since for a long time the women in the region have been subordinated until recently when they were granted voting rights and even driving rights. Perhaps it is this context that explains why the women writer in this article is a human right agitator and why she feels bad when she thinks that her sex contributed to the bad experience that she went through in the hands of the police.

Giving her personal experience, the author explains how she was subjected to unlawful arrest, confinement, and trial in the hands of the American police. She points out that even during her arrest she was ordered to shut up and do not say anything. In the cells, she was advised not to seek medical attention because it would elongate her stay in the cells. As such she gives up her rights to buy her freedom. Even when she appeals she notes that “The federal magistrate judge reminded me of a federal rule called “offer of judgment,” in which the defendant offers a settlement amount. If I rejected it and a trial produced an outcome that was either equivalent or less favorable, I would bear the costs of the city’s attorney fees” (Huq 1). She explains that even if she is an accomplished legislator who also has access to the elected in America, the chosen does nothing to help the poor especially the people of color and women thus America is marred with racism and sexism.

The prompts her to call for disruption of the legal and political system that demands people of color to keep quiet and women to behave. Being a Muslim, the writer associates the harassment he gets from the police as the Americans’ anti-Muslim attitude that intensified after the attack on the world trade center in 2001. She insists that wearing her traditional South Asian tunic made her visibly an immigrant, and her mere presence was disruptive.

Perhaps the writer feels bad because she was ordered to speak while actually in the motherland, Qatar women have been silenced for a long time. It surprising that when women are voiceless in Qatar, it is the same media from Qatar that is very keen to point out to the harassment that this lady went through before the hands of the American government. Also, Aljazeera has roots in Asia thus the write up concerning America police brutality to this lady based on sexism and race may be marred with some sought biases. While the media house has acknowledged that it has nothing to do with the reports here and that it is solely the ideas of the writer, it is worth noting that it is the same media house that has granted the writer of the article a chance to pinpoint her ideas here.

While this may be the case, a closer look at the article reveals that the lady was arrested for no good reason. Her rights of arrest are violated because she is not even confined for nine hours before she is taken to court. She didn’t have medical rights in the cell just because it would prolong her stay there. This is racism and sexism of the highest order that the world hegemony can unleash to the people. For a long time, America has been seen to championing the rights of women and equality. However, racism and sexism have always marred the nation. In a way, Americans live the inside out of what they advocate for in the world. The police ate known to unleash brutality to the immigrants. Thus, it is no doubt that this lady faced this brutality. In a nutshell, the article frame falls within the sexist and racism realities in the United States of America. And while writing her work, the author wrote from the activist point of view which is championing the rights of the people of color and women in the United States of America.

The second article from Germany At American Universities, there is no more extended debate. Instead, there’s fighting; the writer points out to the things falling apart in American universities. He is keen to give out an example of American prestigious and respected college, The University of California at Berkeley. It is significant to note that in Germany there is a lot of media freedom and individual are allowed to report anything so long as it does not hate speech (Schweiger 130. All the same, there is no guarantee of measuring hate speech in Germany. As such, the Germans are accorded a chance in their constitution to write and speak their mind without being questioning so long as it does not hate speech (Schweiger 12). The primary audience of the media in Germany ranges from the old to the young. The general public, Germans from the primary audience of the media stories. It is good to understand this context for a proper examination of the article under study.

According to the article, University of California at Berkeley has been long known for its liberal virtues. However, strikes, demonstration and the fear among the staff including the chancellor indicates a change of this large nation. There is no more liberty to the extent that the chancellor prepares an escape route for fear of any eventuality. While the administration regards this other construction as a standard door, the students view it as an emergency exit or a rescue hatch, through which the Chancellor can take himself to safety from angry demonstrators in case of a crisis. Also, the man has already built a fence around his residence to hold off trouble-makers. In this way, the article brings out an issue of lack of understanding between the university administration and the students at large.

While this may be the case, it is significant to note that the German nation from which this media originates has had a long hatred for the Americans. This is derived from historical events where each European country wanted to be the world superpower. However, like several others, Germany never won, and this paved the way for America to the world hegemony. So to taint the name of the USA, Germany can report anything petty to get the world attention. In any case, it is not only American universities that are facing crisis from students, but every other college in the world also does an America is not an exception. In this regard, one can say that the article is written from the nationality point of view. In fact, the author goes ahead to point out that the determinant behavior of the Americans is the ruler. The ruler, in this case, refers to the president. This is an abuse of the highest order that had been directed to the people America; it is concluding that Americans do not think on their own and that they are just victims of dogmatism. Explaining that merely because Donald Trump does not like debates have a connection to the university crisis, in this case, is thinking that has been done within narrow lenses of articulating issues.

Additionally, if actually, the Americans do follow what their president was thinking, then the caption in this article is ironical. The above is based on the idea that there is demonstrator who is burning a pro- Trump cap. Moreover, if one university is in a crisis, it does not imply that all American schools are in a crisis the way the topic of the article tries to communicate. As such this article is exaggerated and has no substantial evidence to support the purported lack of debates in American universities.

In a nutshell, the article focuses on the frames of lack of tolerance in the united states of American universities. However, the paper is written from a mockery point of view with the writer trying to bring out that America is unable to solve her Problems yet is the world hegemony. The author writes from the nationalist point of view he is a patriot of Germany and is out to show the world that America has failed.

A close analysis of the articles depicts some similarities and differences. To begin with, both pieces are writing against America. While the report from Germany is criticizing the American universities and behavior of Americans in general, the article from Qatar speaks of America racism and sexist attitude towards the people of color. Both pieces bring a picture that the challenges that are articulated in each story have not found a solution. This depicts the United States of America as world hegemony that is unable to solve her home problems but very vocal in addressing issues in other nations thus not leading by example.

The two articles also talk about a crisis in America. While the article from Germany talks about a crisis in universities and how hatred had sprung among Americans in the social media, the writer form Qatar reports of a crisis in the American administration and police body. While it is true that these crises may exist, the question that remains undressed is whether it is America that is facing this crisis alone. Why should a foreign media focus on another country’s crisis before solving her home affairs? This puts the two articles in question about the major agenda of writing them.

However, the two articles are diverse. The article Qatar, the author, offers the solution to the crisis. Although reporting about racism and sexism, the author is keen to note that she is an immigrant who is working among the top post in the government and among the few women who have made to the position she is serving. However, her focus is on telling the world that disruption becomes the way to get heard. Shutting your mouth is not an option, she emphases. Her strategy for solving the racism and sexist attitude in America is perhaps driven by her career as a human right activist. She probably talks about sexism because she is a woman and racism because she is of the colored race.

On the other hand, the article from Germany talks of lack of debates in universities. Unlike the Qatar article, this article reports the problem from a second persona point of view. No true life experience is given in the article. The article ends leaving readers in a dilemma on what ought to be done then. These leaves varied views among readers. While others may regard this as an unsound writing, other readers may use this as a chance to dig deep into America to find if what is depicted here in the article is true.

When I look at the two articles, I agree with the first article (American devotion to order over justice must end) concerning America. The above is based on the idea that there are several reports of police brutality in the United States of America that is channeled towards the people of colored races. For instance, in 2016, Castile a school nutritionist was shot dead by the police officers in America (Calvin 3). His death marked the 233 people of color who have been shot dead by the police officers in the USA. Additionally, while people of color make up 13 of the American population, they account for 24 % of the individuals fatally shot by the police (Calvin 4). Additionally, even the Washington post acknowledges that people of color are likely more to be shot by the police as compared to their white Americans. It is not surprising that many of these cases have never been followed up and if they are followed up nothing much is done to compensate the victims. This is the case that happened to the lady writer from Asia in the article of Qatar. She got financial compassion instead of justice.

Additionally, I agree with the writer about sexism in America. Studies from experiences of immigrants in the United States of America reveals that women immigrants suffer double in the country, both as immigrants and worse as women (Sears, et al 45). The above is based on the idea that America is a male-centered society. The above is well depicted in the last general elections that the country held. While actually, Hillary Clinton has a good manifesto, many American men thought that it was not wise to vote for her because she is a woman. Even her rival, president Donald Tramp used her gender to intimidate her during the campaigns. This is an indication that the world has not come to terms with women as equal human beings to men. Accordingly, one can imagine that if Hillary Clinton with her power and wealth was able to go through sexist intimidation, what of a mere legislator and to make matters worse an immigrant?

From this reflection, her article has changed my mind concerning America in a way. While it may be true that she may be writing out of her malicious reasons, the issues she articulates here have had a long history in America. In fact, other scholars associate the racism with American culture and history. Reading about her experience has made me develop a more negative attitude towards the world hegemony. I regard the American police officers as primitive and ignorant men in uniform who are not out to protect people whom they took the oath to protect. I feel like American does not deserve to be the world hegemony given its racism attitude to the people of colored races. Indeed, it is not leading the world by example.

On the second article from Germany, I don’t s see a true picture of America universities. The case highlighted in the article is only one. While the scenario given in the university may be true, it does not imply that all universities in the United States of America are facing a crisis. Simply because the University of California is facing a challenge it does not imply that other universities and the nation at large are in a crisis. Moreover, it is not the first time that we see republicans and democrats differing even in the social media. As such the fact that Americans are insulting each other in the social media is an obvious thing that is expected especially during an electioneering period. Accordingly, after reading this article, my attitude towards America did not change. However, it has accorded me the need to dig deep into the crisis being addressed in the article to find out the credibility of the data he is giving here. While I do not like some of the aspects of America, I don’t find it logical to judge the entire nation and universities from one incident. I, therefore, feel this article is just anti-American for nothing.

In conclusion, therefore, American being the world hegemony finds attracts the attention of almost every nation in the world. As such any slight event happening in the United States of America becomes the major focus of the world at large with each media striving to report about it. However, it is significant to note that the credibility of the reports given at times depends on the writer, his home country and the ties that his or her nations have with the USA. Moreover, the freedom of media and the history of the media in the home country also plays a role in the way in which the writers report about another country, and therefore the reporting of American events cannot be assumed. While the article from Qatar media is articulating something very true about the America, it is no doubt that the two articles (both from Qatar and Germany) are anti-American. What differs is the issues they are articulating and the approach they use to drive their points home. However, the two ends up depicting American negatively to their audiences.

However, given the context under which they were writing, their message is appealing to their audience considering the background of the media as discussed in the essay. However, it is significant to note that some of the writing is exaggerated while other factors addressed are true as they are depicted. This is the case with racism in the article from Qatar.

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