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In every community, values are significant because they help to sustain growth and development. Values help a nation’s people build the kind of future they want to live (Kramer, and Michael 65). In America, each person is involved on a daily basis in making multiple decisions. The choices people make are a straightforward reproduction of principles and beliefs at most times. In addition, they are based on a definite reason. With regard to the American values presented, that particular aim is to fulfill personal or collective needs. Therefore, American values play a crucial role in shaping the future and the kind of life that international students would want to have in future. The presented American values are important in making of human decision-making. International students should familiarize themselves with the values to make sure that they live and operate in an environment whose cultural values align with their values. Attaining such a situation brings about the feeling of liberation in the new environment. The values would help in bringing out the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm of an individual. Moreover, through the presented values one also end up being committed to the well-being of their associates and the success of their nation. The unleashing of such energy is tantamount to the liberation of the corporate soul.
American values could term as educational tools. International students could acquire important information about America. Especially in the current competitive world, having specific values as the ones listed, help speak to the public and could be a tool to have a competitive advantage. The values could also work as a platform through which international students could be evaluated to gain access in America as students. The presence of strong core American values provides both internal and external advantages to America.
Liberty is another value that should be added list of American values. The value of liberty decrees that one should be free to think, speak and act in any way that pleases them as long they do not offend or interfere with the freedom and rights of others. Liberty would help protect individuals from the tyranny of the majority (Epstein, Richard, and Epstein). The value forms a base level of intellectual, spiritual and economic diversity that helps in the enhancement of enough free play of ideas within any society. It is important for any culture to have individual liberty value to facilitate in the moving forward to the philosophical, economic and spiritual aspect of the nation (Fried 3).
International students should know that the American dream requires political and economic freedom and the rules of law and private property rights. It would be impossible for them to make choices that would allow them attain success without knowing the American dream requirements.
In summary, international students need to adjust to the American culture. The adjustment process could be difficult and frustrating. American values may be very different from those of the home country of an individual, which may result in some confusion for the international student. Therefore, it is important for one to familiarize themselves with the America culture before leaving their country, this would help in having an easy transition hence high and better chances of absorbing culture shock. Values help members of a country interact harmoniously. They affect the development of individuals and make it easy for them to achieve their goals that would be impossible to achieve individually. It is important for America to have well outlined shared values that guide the behaviors of its citizens. Otherwise, international students or the community might not function satisfactorily for the majority.

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