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Every person must demonstrate modesty, accountability, and honesty. The three social principles are critical in people’s interactions in a variety of settings. The aim of this paper is to elaborate on the implementation of the outlined principles in human welfare and everyday activities.
Integrity is essential for the realization of any growth in a society. A state’s or any governmental department’s leadership must be honest in their behavior. In some of the most difficult settings, transparency is critical for success in combating corruption. There is a negative relationship between the quality of government services and corruption.
Humility is essential in providing services to the people. The value is crucial in the leadership of any community. One of the qualities of a good leader is humility. A humble leader can serve his or her subjects and unite them. He or she also has the opportunity of enhancing cohesion in the community by providing servant leadership.
For the development and growth of any society, every member is required to have a sense of responsibility for all the activities he or she partakes. The success of any planned developments can only be achieved through the actions members of the society. Collective efforts are essential in the execution of any plan or strategy outlined by the authorities.
In conclusion, every member of the community, as well as the authorities, must take it upon themselves to ensure that they exhibit these social values. The growth and unity of every society have their foundation humility, responsibility, and integrity.

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