Using Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is the intentional practice taken to terminate an individual’s life to mitigate their chronic misery and distress. As long as the family and the patient agree, a doctor is allowed by statute to terminate an individual’s life using means that are painless. Euthanasia, however, is against the law in most nations, and those who perform it could be sentenced to prison (Battin, 2016). In the nations of the United States, the concept of euthanasia varies. I agree that human beings have both the natural right to live and to die, but choosing their path and the way they die is not a crime (Snyder, 2015). Euthanasia is moral when a person chooses to die when they are under intense suffering and pain. Contrary it would be immoral to remove individual’s right to choose since no person has the right to demand the other to live a life of suffering.

Ethical formalists view a set of formal features as both sufficient and necessary or as necessary but not sufficient. Therefore, if an act is wrong it is wrong all the time, and if it is right, it is right all the time. Ethical theories are both for and against euthanasia which places the practice in a dilemma situation (Yount, 2013). The ethical problem is if killing the other person is done when most people say it is not okay. However, there are moral and ethical theories that say life has exceptions. Utilitarian’s say that mercy killing is right if certain conditions are met (Quinton, 2014). If the choice to die would result in happiness to most people involved and the patient wants to die, then the practice is okay (Irwin, 2014). On the other hand, most Socrates rejected euthanasia since it was considered as an action that is against the will of gods and a violation of autonomy of a person.


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