US Navy Issues

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Deployments last for eleven months and the families lose their sense of normality when reunited.
More men than women in the field; attempts have been sluggish to incorporate more women as many women are very involved in the navy.
Fitness assessments for men and women seeking to join the United States navy should be tailor-made, and the existing tests are too common. What are the key debates or difference of opinions on these issues?What problems do you see within each issue?
Deployment that lasts for more than eleven months has led to a major admiral questioning the viability of such length of time. While they still serve the people and the country, the navy spends most of its time in the water which could cause feelings of loneliness and despair. Knowing that they are only away for a short length of time will ensure that they do not fall into depression. Even though there are more men in the field, the navy has fewer personnel and needs to increase it to a good number. Instead of getting men, more women should be involved so as to ensure that there’s gender equality. However, favouring women because of gender only will be inadvisable. The women and men should go through the same vetting process. The navy spends more time in closed spaces and on or in the water. Therefore, having fitness tests that are similar to the army or air force does not make any sense. The specialised fitness tests will cost more and strain the budget, but the navy will in turn have adept individuals who can fit in well with the situations that they will be faced with.

Which issue seem the most interesting and important to you?

The issue that I think is important and stands out to me is the lack of gender equality within the Navy branch of the US Military.


Being that we are in the 21st century, women have the liberty and ability to join the navy. They freedoms and liberties are protected by the constitution and they have also gone ahead to show that they can do anything. Many women are now part of the military and many more were involved in the various wars that the United States was involved in. this goes to show that women have the ability, physically and mentally to handle the duties that the Navy would bestow on them (Burrelli, 2013).

What about a broader audience?

The greater public has come to accept that indeed women are as good as men in any field. The Navy is involved in protecting the country’s security and people believe that women can excel at this too. While they might end up spending many months at sea in close quarters, they have the abilities to adjust and perform their duties exceptionally. It is harder for women with children, but how many women of power are working, performing at the same level as their male counter parts while still raising children?


Burrelli, D. F. (2013, May). Women in combat: Issues for Congress. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS WASHINGTON DC CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE.

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