Unquestioned Traditions Lottery Dangers

The significance of traditions and an introduction to the book Lottery. Thesis statement – traditions pose a great hazard to people if followed blindly without query by newer generations. Linking The Lottery with the contemporary society with traditions, human nature and culture. Stating the challenge matter of the paper – the dangers posed by unquestioned retrogressive traditions. An overview of The Lottery and the characters therein. The significance of the ceremony and reasons as to why it is regarded as retrogressive. Critical analysis The importance of questioning and examining traditions. The dangers posed to the village where the lottery is practiced – killing of innocents in the name of retrogressive traditions. Analyzing a. the mindset of the elderly in The Lottery – old man Warner. He equates scrapping of the lottery to retrogression to old primitive ways. The lottery seems to him to be civil.
I. Symbolism
a. The black box – represents tradition and loyalty to tradition.
b. Reflection of the reluctance of the villagers in repairing the black box or getting a new one.
II. Conclusion
a. Reflection of the death of Tessie Hutchinson in the name of traditions.
b. Reiterating the thesis statement and linking it with the entire discussion. That is, establishing the relationship between The Lottery and retrogressive unquestioned traditions.

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