TV and Culture

The world is made of crowded tv environment with the aim of providing cutting-edge information as well as updating the society. Television is a continuous presence in the majority of Americans. Due to its visually interesting, fast-moving and enormously entertaining style, TV commands several individuals’ interest for many hours every day. Together with other sources of human beings interaction, television helps adolescents and the whole society to form and develop thoughts regarding the world. Moreover, television manipulates the viewer’s beliefs and attitudes towards themselves as properly as individuals from another ethnic, cultural and social background. Television has various advantages for the American culture including moral support, exchange of beliefs and reflecting the reality of the world. Name




TV and Culture
Initially, television helps in illustrating various problems in the society and moral supports which help people to live and understand individuals of different types. According to Gordon, television is utilized -to depict mental illness by having characters imbued with disease-curing or magical crime-solving powers that hinder their personal lives (Gordon n.p). Besides, TV has been doing better work in portraying mental ailment in an empathetic manner and providing characters whose efforts are sensible. Through characters with particular illnesses affecting people in the society, the TV helps to make people accept those with disabilities in the society. “TV provide niche and weird shows portraying confused, anxious, depressed and confused heroes thus acting as the cure” (Gordon n.p). People in the society tend to ignore and exclude individuals who are mentally retarded. However, TV use characters with such conditions to end the culture of discrimination and show the society that all people are equal and have qualities to do marvelous things.

Television contains various shows and movies that illustrate different characters in the community thus acting as the cure. In line with Gordon approach, there are several unique protagonists and situations in the shows which make people feel kinship (Gordon n.p). Also, people are not connecting to the flawed protagonists, but television is accurate and good such that individuals are linked to the show so that to cope with a certain situation. TV does not replace people intimacy and relationships or make them strangers to each other, but it assists to shine the light on the darkest part of living (Gordon n.p). Moreover, TV provides something that is exciting to look forward by helping us to see communities of individuals who look similar. The vital benefit of the TV in the American culture is the portrayal of pictures that every person can see reflected on the screen or other positions in their living. Television can be termed as the drug taken in moderation but prescribed particularly for the society to view the reality of things and live their lives to the fullest.

TV act like a mirror of the society since people receive news and information on what is going on in the society thus being able to adjust their behaviors to fit the norms governing people. According to James, “TV reflects the actuality aside from the strange internet genius flourishing in the atmosphere making social mobility crawled in America” (Wolcott n.p). It is the role of the TV to recognize and condemn any form of injustice and inhuman in the society thus making people follow the rules. Besides, TV shows the battle between the rich and the poor through politics and development strategies.

Additionally, TV act like rehabilitation place where people with addiction problems or any issue in the community to solve their issues. For instance, substance abusers are changed by TV to end the addiction as well as to live a sober life. The film The Big Bang Theory makes anxious individuals calm down since they are comforted by the well-known characters and patterns (Gordon n.p). Several TV shows have themes that help in changing the community perspective. The TV programs are written and produced by experienced people who want to speak to the society. Every show has its aim and target group depending on the message. There are TV programs that belong to children which help in building moral support as well as ensuring that kids are aware of their culture.

Television has various benefits to the American culture including moral support, change of beliefs and reflecting the actuality of the world. TV offers our culture with the models of what to follow as well as the pictures aimed at showing people what is good, acceptable and what should be done or avoided. The shows contain characters that depict particular problem existing in our society such as mental illness. Through the success of people with such disabilities in the television, the society is taught on how to accept different people despite their problems since every person can be a hero. Also, TV identifies and shows the reality of the world as well as condemning harmful behaviors in the community. All shows are founded on our society hence every person is reflected which helps in accepting ourselves and knowing how to stay with people.

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