Trump Moves to End DACA and Calls on Congress to Act

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The article, “Trump Moves to End DACA and Calls on Congress to Act,” with the aid of Michael Davis published in the articulates the executive order by the president of the United States, Donald Trump that revokes an previously order by the previous administration that sought to protect younger undocumented immigrants from deportation (Davis). The order by Trump is set to end the program put in vicinity by his predecessor, Barrack Obama, which allowed children residence in the United States thru the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The retrospect paper seeks to examine the basis for the termination of the program, the possible motives for its establishment, and the possible consequences of the action by way of the president.
The author analyses the conditions that precede the issuance of the order terming it as a move by the president to deliver on his campaign promises. Before the statement being issued, the president had instructed the Attorney General to offer a directive that the state would not accept undocumented immigrants’ applications (Foley). Trump further cites that deportation of the undocumented immigrants through the termination of DACA will set free the American job seekers, families, students, and taxpayers. In defense of the action, the president cited that though America has to appear compassionate, it is necessary to be directed by the laws put in place by the Constitution (Nakamura). Therefore, the enforcement of the immigration law will shape the ability of the United States to produce safer communities while at the same time boosting the middle class and economic fairness. According to Mr. Sessions, the establishment of the program was controversial which led to legal concerns being raised under the Obama administration (Foley).

However, the proponents of the DACA program point out that the creation of the program under Obama administration aimed at protecting immigrant children from deportation (Davis). The order by Obama was intended to by-pass the move by the Congress that blocked the legislation that sought to establish the protection (Davis). As a result, approximately eight hundred thousand young adults immigrated to the United States undocumented. Moreover, allowing the children to grow and work in the United States would allow the job market to have ready labor that would see to the growth of the nation.

Notably, Trump’s order will result in over eight hundred thousand young people being deported back to countries they may never have lived before (Davis). The act implies that the country will lose individuals who were ready to pay taxes and work in the United States. Besides, advocacy groups caution that the implementation of the act will result in a divided country especially under the racially charged state experienced in Charlottesville. The loss of DACA protections will eventually put the many undocumented immigrants at a risk of being deported from a country they have lived since their childhood, a move that will make them a possible target by the law enforcement if the Congress does not overturn the action (Davis).

Conclusively, examining the controversies surrounding the implementation of the immigration act by the Trump administration offers one with an opportunity to better comprehend the link between immigration and national development. Also, the analysis of the reasons why President Trump has ordered for the deportation of the undocumented immigrants presents an insight into the nature of the current political system in the United States and the possibility for division along racial lines (Nakamura).

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