Today’s Drivers’ Dangerous Habits

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With the figures of casualties and fatalities caused by crashes and traffic mistakes, road carnage is a worldwide issue. Accidents may happen on purpose, but they are typically caused by errors of omission or commission. The word “omission” refers to a driver’s decision to do something that they should have done, which resulted in the crash. An error of commission, on the other hand, occurs when a driver does something while driving that they are not expected to do. Accidents may, however, arise as a result of mixing the two oversights. This is when for instance a driver as a result of doing one thing that is not required when driving ends up failing to do another one that would have been critical in averting an accident. However, there are various behaviors that have been adopted by people that are dangerous as they increase the propensity to cause accidents.
The first dangerous behavior is either driving while drunk or drinking while driving. During the holiday days such as on Fridays and during weekends, there is always complacence among many drivers. They go to their favorite joints on a drinking spree and many take alcohol beyond the amounts suitable for sober driving. Some people even get drunk in the pub and still carry more drink into their vehicles and go on drinking while in their vehicle. Other people who are most dangerous have the habit of drinking in several bars in a single drinking occasion. They therefore are driving vehicles from one joint to another in the mood of relaxation and compromised alertness. Alcohol has the ability of impairing someone’s stability of senses. These are both sight hearing and even interfere with psychomotor stability. When the perceptive abilities of the senses have been destabilized, a driver’s sense of judgment and discrimination is also impaired. They may not discriminate the lanes, red-light signal, colors and even indications by other drivers on the road. Their judgment of distance relative to speed or timing while overtaking or negotiating corners all rely on an alert and calculative perceptive senses involving active coordination cognitively and physically. This is the reason why driving while drunk or while drinking is one of the dangerous behaviors that however is still practiced rampantly.
Driving can also be dangerous when a person has distractions. Distractions in traffic in modern day are numerous and have contributed in causing many accidents. Modern-age distractions are due to use of technological gadgets. Some drivers have the habit of making calls while steering while others compose text messages with one hand while the other steers. Many people also involve in a lot of social media activities and once they get from the busy office hours they immediately log into social media channels while driving. Some cars even come with technological installations that play video music, access internet and display it or offers such other distractions. All of these are highly addictive yet they involve having to take one’s eyes from the road occasionally. Accidents usually happen in a spur of a moment just when one lose concentration in an instance that is critical. Driving is not about the entire safe journey but the critical moments when one has to rise to the occasion and show good quick judgment and response. Yet this is not possible when one is distracted and unfocused. A car that just appears unexpectedly, a pothole or pedestrian that crosses suddenly all rely on the driver’s alertness. This is why technological distractions compound traffic problems. Worse is when the person using technological gadget while driving is drunk!!!

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