Tim Glover’s “Healing Nature.”

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Tim Glover’s “Healing Nature” is the piece I’ve chosen. It is a monumental work of art found at the entrance to the University of Houston’s Wellness Center. This paper will investigate this art with the use of color, material, form, and light.
To start, the primary materials used in this art are stainless steel and aluminum. There are fabrics that can last a long time. As a result, it means that the painting will remain undamaged for a prolonged period of time. Stainless steel covers the majority of the art, while aluminum is used to create the leaf decorations that are scattered around the piece. Tim chose to use a cylindrical shape though it is not a perfect cylinder. The central area appears to be chopped. It is one of the approaches that the author used to achieve symmetry in this work. By cutting it at the center, one will obtain two similar structures in size, shape, and color.

With regard to color, the author only used two main colors. There stainless steels’ color is applied along with the brown aluminum leaves. The colors are excellently polished to give them the reflection ability. However, it is clear that the lower part of the art is brighter than the upper half. The leaves are aligned in a way that imitates the natural organization of leaves that have fallen from a tree.

The “Healing Nature” is large enough to convey a significant meaning. Because it is tall and broader in thickness, it can be seen from a distance. The art is magnificently aligned in the area. The stainless steel color combines with the white paintings around it to bring about a scenic view.

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