This Is a Photograph of Me Poem Analysis

The first line of the poem acts as the title. In the poem, the speaker points to a photograph and describes the smeared print, hazy lines, and grey flecks on the paper. We can conclude that Atwood’s character feels a loss of identity, and that she is unable to focus.

Atwood’s character feels a loss of identity
The title of this poem suggests that Atwood’s character has experienced a loss of identity. Her sense of isolation has permeated the entire poem, which has many themes. The image of the photo is distorted, which Atwood uses to suggest the speaker’s isolation. Moreover, the image itself is smudged and seems old.

The poem is written in a first person perspective, and it follows a lyric meter. The meter is not specific, but it uses iambic-trochaic and spondee feet. Atwood also uses imagery to create a feeling of uncertainty.

In this poem, Atwood explores the notion of the loss of identity in the world around us. She questions how women are systematically silenced and ostracized by society. This poem is also a pioneering example of literature influenced by Second-wave Feminism. To learn more about Atwood’s writing, visit her website. This website features a biography, full bibliography, and links to other relevant materials.

Atwood’s characters’ loss of identity is reflected in their physical appearance. Atwood compares the head of the son to an air-tight chamber, and the soul inside the body peeps through the eyes. This metaphor also conveys the alienation that the character feels in this poem. In addition, the speaker dejectedly describes her son as a “reckless adventurer” who witnessed the unknown depths of the ocean.

Atwood uses a rhyming pattern in this poem, but it’s not a regular one. Instead, Atwood uses internal rhyming and rhymes similar words in different lines. The poet also uses repetitions and similar sounds within each stanza.

She feels like she has lost her identity
In “This is a photograph of me,” Margaret Atwood tackles issues of feminism and the distorted nature of reality. The poem employs extended metaphor to explore these subjects. As a result, the poem describes a drowning woman and the environment in which she finds herself. As a result, the poem’s meaning is complex and multilayered.

In line six, the speaker begins by noting that the photograph is old, but she does not specify how old it is. This vagueness is important for the poem, as it emphasizes the opacity of the image. She also describes the photograph as smeared and blurry.

The structure of the poem encourages the audience to consider the photograph at length. She stresses the word “taken,” which implies that the photograph was taken some time ago. This suggests that the audience must look at the image at a distance to truly appreciate its impact.

The tone of the poem is sad. It is apparent that the writer is going through an identity crisis, as she uses everyday objects as a metaphor to reflect on her life. While her surroundings seem to know who they are, she feels like she has lost herself.

She has a hard time focusing
The poem begins with a line that implies the speaker cannot place her precise position in the lake. The speaker’s tone of voice suggests that she is either a child or an adult. In the second line, she asks the audience to focus on the photograph at length.

The first line of the poem describes a blurry image of a child who has drowned. The poem then describes that image as the narrator recalls the day after she drowned. Atwood’s use of language and imagery in the poem creates a sense of unease and disconnection from the real world.

The poetess’s voice is not defined, but her presence in the photograph suggests a general stance on women’s lives. The poetess’s role in the photo is implied, but her presence does not mar the overall beauty of the image. Instead, nature and man-made objects gain prominence.

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