There are several fraudulent and criminal activities within the United States

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There are many illegal and illicit acts taking place in the United States and other countries around the world. These occurrences are classified as political, social, or fiscal. Furthermore, the bulk of criminal acts are carried out by males. Because of increased technical advancement, there is a rise in the incidence of illicit and unethical practices within organizations, states, and companies. Criminal actions allow a company’s records and other important resources to be destroyed. Furthermore, criminals are blamed for the murders of innocent people. As a result, many nations have established and implemented adequate mechanisms of preventing criminal and legal activities from taking place. These devices include the establishment of criminal laws, imprisonment departments, efficient policing unit to combat criminals, life imprisonment. Despite adequate security in prisons, currently, there is an increase in escape from prisons by the offenders. These have raised concerns about the security measures within the prison departments. Therefore, this research paper would focus on imprisonment regarding criminal activities with significant emphasis and focuses on the prison escape. This would be aided by qualitative and quantitative research.


What is Imprisonment? It refers to an act of confining or significantly putting an individual in prison. It is also defined as restraining the personal ability of a person or the law of coercion being exercised on a person to prevent him or her from exercising the freedom of movement. Oparka, Karl and Attila Molnar (431) elaborate that imprisonment means merely the state of captivity. Confinement occurs after serious crimes that warrant an individual to either serve life imprisonment or to observe court orders. Since the establishment of several criminal courts, incarceration has been increasing when the rate of illegal activities is decreasing. This has significantly shown the level at which the government reduces unlawful and fraudulent activities. As a result, security is enhanced to all the citizens and companies.

However, in his study Frank (139) argues that it is observable that there is increased escape from prisons. This has raised concern by the United States security department to determine critical factors and reasons for the increase in exit from prisons. According to Rae and Natalie Oswin (1290), the Prison escape or prison break refers to the act by which an inmate leaves a penitentiary using the illegal or unofficial method. Prison break is believed to occur through well-organized plans between the prison officers and the inmates or inmates using different tools to break through the prison buildings. Moreover, it happens due to inadequate structures that inmates can easily break through. Cumley (791) argues that due to increase in a prison escape, the United States has constructed stronger prison buildings with better security facilities. Therefore, this essay focuses and emphasizes on ways of prisons escape and its effects on inmates.


The study uses qualitative and quantitative research to provide primary and secondary data regarding the prison escape. The secondary data is obtained from the security department (Prison department of the United States).Fundamental information is derived from the reformed inmates who have been serving prison terms. Moreover, the research significantly uses statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) to analyze data.

Results and discussions

The united states have experienced historical prison escapes from the year 1900 to date (Cumley (789). According to Frank (139), the most famous prison escape in the US includes the 1934 flight by John Dillinger who murdered a police officer, the Alcatraz escape of three prisoners, escape by Frank Abagnale an ordinary conman. Moreover, the Parkhurst escape of 1995 who constructed their tools and ways (Cumley (789)). By working in the prison’s metal shops, the Parkhurst were able to make a gun and keys .The keys opened every door and gate hence enabling them to escape successfully. Many prisoners escape to interact with their families and friends. Cumley (789) elaborates that some inmates complain of the unfavorable conditions within the jails and harsh treatment from the prison officials. Despite reinforcement in prisons, there is still increasing in prison escape. Therefore, if escaping from the prisons is very hard these days, how do the inmates successfully do it? Here is an explanation of the most familiar mechanisms or techniques used by the inmates.

Cutting a Hole and Escaping-Several inmates always find holes within the facility’s security structure and efficiently exploits it. For example, In 2006,”Bucky Philips” a common career criminal involved the use of a can opener and cut a hole in prison through the kitchen ceiling and later pleaded guilty when caught (Frank.139). In other states such as New Mexico, inmates use the homemade instruments to cut holes through the roof and escape. This is a significant method used by the majority of the prisoners in most of the jails. However, the United States has initiated the use of metallic and blocked roofs hence making it difficult for prisoners to cut holes.

Brute Force-Most inmates consider this to be the most stringent approach for prison escape. For example, Rosenberg, Rae and Natalie Oswin (1260) describe that Brian Nicholas in 2005 used brute force and overpowered the security guards at the Atlanta House and went away with the gun. Moreover, Brian proceeded to shoot the court reporter, police officer, and a judge. Some inmates use giant trucks to drive through layers of the security fences. Using brute force is mainly targeting the security guards of the prisons. As a result, many security officers are overpowered and killed by prisoners who later escape. However, Cumley (780) describes the government has reduced excessive exposure of the inmates to harmful tools such as guns to limit their knowledge. This has not significantly decreased the use of brute force since some criminals are members of the militia groups.

Crying for Help-Currently, most prisoners increasingly escape from prisons due to their cry for help from their colleagues as they describe it “friends do not let friends die in prisons.” For example, in 2010 three convicted assassins escaped from the Arizona prison through using the wire cutters thrown to them by a woman from the outside (Cumley.789). Additionally, David pocket had money sent to him by a woman he met in prison. After successfully escaping from prisons, the inmates determine means to rescue their colleagues who are still held captive and continuously cry for help. Muller, Christopher and Daniel Schrage (150) argue that after a prison escape, most inmates experience solitude lives of fear of being re-arrested and imprisoned again, they live in police brutality and extensive warrants of arrest. Moreover, some continue with their daily criminal activities.


An imprisonment is an act of captivity that is bestowed on an individual based on the criminal conduct. It significantly helps in the reformation of people who are perceived to be criminals hence affecting the lives of others and the activities of the society. However, The Prison escape or prison break refers to the act by which an inmate leaves a prison using illegal or unofficial means. Most famous prison escapes in US include John Dillinger, escape by Frank Abagnale, Alcatraz escape of three prisoners, and Parkhurst escapees of 1995.The inmates escape from prisons using different mechanisms that include crying for help, using brute force, cutting holes and running for their lives. Despite an increase in prison escapes, the US government has currently established efficient, reliable, and efficient ways for lucky imprisonment. These include the provision of sufficient imprisonment buildings which allows for full accommodation of the inmate and the families. More courts have been established to handle cases of prison escapes. As a result, there is a significant decrease in the rate of prison escape in the United States.

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