Théodore Géricault: The romantic era spuring the Raft of Medusa

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The Raft of Medusa is a painting that was created by a romantic painter Theodore Gericault between 1818 to 1819. He completed the painting when he was 27 years, and he is still known as one of the french romantic icons till date. The Raft of Medusa was drawn to showcase a time where 15 survivors were on a raft for 13 days and viewing a ship from the distance. In my honest opinion, I strongly believe that The Raft of Medusa made itself a landmark in french painting because it showed the unwanted truth in the romantic movement and laid a strong foundation of aesthtetic revolution against neoclassical style. In the paint, the pictures displayed are for common people and not the heroes thus the paint portrays the political events and the influence of ordinary people. The paint shows people who are almost naked thus it means the paint was meant for the academic purpose.

Jordan Bear

Jordan Bear major in the past or historical intersection of the visual representation, belief, and knowledge. In one of his books, Disillusioned: Photography and Discerning Subject, Jordan Bear tells the story on features of photography trickery in the 1850s and 1860s. Bear does some research regarding the deception used by the world-leading photographers in the midcentury within the discernment culture.

Jordan Bear shares the knowledge regarding the understanding of photography in different eras and how the photographers compete and work together as a team to improve photography quality. Disillusioned unites the striking and puzzling images of Victorian period to new and most expansive interpretive scope. The disappointing images are developed by the artist who performs their artwork without fear of the interpretation in the society because the artwork is the mirror to the events happening in the society especially the events that touch majority in the society. Therefore, Jordan Bear work can be used to educate people in the society regarding the essence of photography and artwork in general.

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