Thelma & Louise Movie Review

Thelma and Louise is an American film that made its first debut in the screens in 1991. The film was written by Khouri Callie and directed by Scott Ridley (Scott, Ridley 3). It features two main characters via the names Louise and Thelma. Both of them undertake an expedition whose consequences turn out to be perilous. The geographical as properly as physical set up of the film immensely contribute to its identity.
The film was set up in an environment where girls had limited space in as far as strolling of the societal affairs were concerned. Indeed, a number of scholars have concurred that the movie was the first piece of its kind to give an accurate tale about the plight of women (Scott, Ridley 12). In the American society, armed robbery, rape case and manslaughter are contentious issues. It is no wonder the two women, Thelma and Louise are imminently mentioned in nine counts robbery. Their involvement in such crimes points to the paradigm shift in the societal beliefs.

The film not only features two women but also depicts the kind of relationship that they have between them. Women used to be downgraded by men in the American society (Lipsitz, Raina 2). Their unity could only mean that they had set out for a self-discovery spree. The awful ending of the film where Thelma and Louise drive over a cliff is interpreted by some as a punishment to the defiant women.

Usually, women were expected to smuggle in men’s talk within their conversations. They were also expected to disagree on certain issues at the slightest provocation (Silverstein, Louise, and Thelma 10).  It was no different in the American society. However, the movie goes against the norm by drawing the picture of two women who not only create a strong bond between them but also discuss other issues apart from men.

In conclusion therefore, physical as well as geographical settings of Thelma and Louise have significantly contributed to its identity. The plight of women and the much they can do if they work as a team have been well captured. The movie is worth the time.

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