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The Washington Post is one of the biggest media outlets in the Americas with a market share of more than 45 per cent. As one of the oldest newspapers in the world, it has millions of readers around the country and is owned by a daily company. In addition to the press division, the Washing Post owns other media sections, including radio stations, cable networks and magazines. It also has an international networking channel called the New Digital World. The New Times is headquartered in Havada along Casablanca Street, where they moved from their former headquarters in Ohio earlier last year. The Newspaper started in 1876 as American Standard and aimed at circulating newspapers around the neighboring states of New York. However 15 years after that the founder of the Newspaper, Mr. Turner sold it to two British nationals in 1891, and the name was subsequently changed to North American Standard and made it a daily newspaper changing from a weekly newspaper to a daily newspaper. The newspaper’s headquarters was also moved from its original place to, not known yet to Havana. The paper originally concentrated on political views reporting majorly about the American civil war of 1776. Later Mr. Turner rebought the newspaper, and the new owner used the original name. It is currently one of the largest newspapers and arguably the oldest. The newspapers served both the political, commercial and sports sector of production and were voted the best newspaper three years successively.

The publication circulation recently matches 100,000 daily productions with almost the number being less because of the number of customers that is growing daily in New York and other cities around the United States of America. Earlier estimations of the same were concluded at around 50000 around ten years ago at that time leading all the newspapers in the country. This kind of excellent sales was attributed to its attractive customer care, unique features and the promptness in circulation all over the country. However, the recent years have seen more demand for the newspaper, and it is estimated the following year will see an increase of the application for the newspaper successively to almost half more of the original. The geographical area covered by the newspaper was North American States that was majorly Washington and New York among others. This was because of the then location of the newspaper nevertheless recently the newspaper has developed geographically and is now covering almost three-quarters of the geographical position of the United States. The few states that do not affect the circulation of the newspaper have been targeted for the 2017 years annual recess and planning in which plans for the start of distribution will be made and started off. Presently the newspaper boasts of the best geographical coverage and circulation thanks to the substation that are positioned in almost half of the States in the country. However, challenges that come up with the geographic representation is the presence of other native newspapers in certain states and that are more prominent in such places. It reduces the profits that are accrued at individual states whereas increases the labor charges.

The newspaper currently serves four editions that are included in the weekly, monthly, daily and the weekend edition. Initially, the newspaper was designed in its publications to produce only the daily articles, which served many people in the states where the distributions were taking place at that time. Within the next two years, the newspaper had improved to helping the weekly newspaper, which more often focused on lifestyles and issues like dressing and sports round up at the end of the week. Later the newspaper would start the production of several other newspapers and articles and even the monthly and the renowned weekend edition that tends to sum up the weekly analysis of politics at the end of the week. Coverage of publications of the newspaper is under revision every time and is changed based on research analysis of the market and the interest of the customers.

Demographics of the organization is simplified regarding ages, gender, and races. The newspaper is served to around all the ages since the features that the newspaper cover is focused on informing all age groups. The elderly have featured contents in the daily and weekly publications where they can access the information that they desire. Several features on fashion and education are contained in the weekly review too to capture the attention of the youth who tend to like the fashion columns. Apart from these, the newspaper also includes sports analysis where the weekly roundup captures the youth again. Psychographics of the audience according to the interview report reviews especially the lifestyle, social class and personality and engages actively reports that endear several customers depending on the life styles and n personalities. The entertainment and women instincts column in the weekend edition has proved essential for the outgoing and entertainment lovers whereas the newspaper is also determined to serve the interests of the religious individuals through the weekly Sunday production of the God with Us Feature. This feature contains different religious articles that meet the needs of the religious persons who read the newspaper.

The process of information dissemination or filtration for publication in this newspaper also known as gate keeping is based on the following policies. The individual’s journalist who creates the reports in the newspaper is the one who makes the news article; other persons may only change certain aspects of the. Secondly, thematic concern in the newspaper are always in the pattern, and the media allocates specific time for each category. Finally, other media personalities have a say in the publication process of the news and other articles. In addition, it also stipulates the societal ideologies in the representation of news. The Managing Editor of the organization makes the editorial decisions. Despite the role that the newspaper plays by itself in financial management, other factors also contribute to the realization of the financial success of the company. This is done to ensure that all the information that the newspaper intends to disseminate is well chosen and can be useful to the public. A committee of editors analyzes the controversial issues before specific editors allow them. After the submission of the paper to the journal, an editor scrutinizes the contents. The decision for submission for full peer review is then confirmed or not. A board of editors then decide the confirmation or rejection for publishing Annual grants by the government that help in the nation’s industrial sustainability is also a source for the company’s financial aid and is estimated at 6oo million dollars. Donor interventions is also a general financial aid for the company. The field of journalism and communication boasts of the highest rate competition because of the high number of sectors that are involved in the same business. The newspaper faces numerous competitors in the market starting from the New York based newspaper called the New York Times. Other competitors include The Times Watch that is based in the nearby state. It is important to note that competition from other Newspapers is right since it enhances focus on delivery based on quality and this improves the industry. Competition in this field also come from the Television and Radio stations that play almost the same role as the Newspapers. It is also true to state that the field of journalism and communication is one of the most competitive fields given the diverse sectors that are in the field.

The newspaper charged varyingly depending on the complexity of the service that is to be given. Announcements are charged from 134 dollars to 150 dollars, and the service is given for three days consecutively. This service according to the newspaper is the best compared to other services that are offered by other newspaper companies in the country. The announcement selling depends on the nature of the message that it contains. Often the announcements made in the newspaper is public and so is for the public, and therefore it is shown to the public. The charges on the newspaper depend on the type of advertisement given, the size of the advertisement, the days of the week. It also depends on the page position within the section and the color used during the advertisement. This newspaper accepts the response from the public in all the services that it offers hence ensuring credibility. Job creation is one of the core mandates of the organization, and therefore it spends a lot of time and resources to ensure the creation of jobs. Job opportunities start from the front line receivers to editorial jobs. The jobs depend on the nature of service offered by the newspaper and the importance of the department. The lowest entry level for all the jobs is a college certificate this is for data clerks. The salary paid for the newspaper is approximately 5000 dollars for the lowest ranking jobs, which are the data entry clerk jobs. Other jobs that are not managerial may have salaries of between 10000 dollars to 20000 dollars. The administrative job positions, however, go up to approximately 50000 dollars. The newspaper offers substantial and equal chances for all the students who want internships and ensures that they receive the best training due to the internships. Since this newspaper ensures that learners absorb firstly the environment of work, the candidates are needed to work under set deadlines and meet the criteria necessary for acceptance into the program. However, no internship programs are paid by the newspaper agency.

The interviewee is an editor of the weekly section of the newspaper and is responsible for the collection of apart analysis and entertainment news all-round the week. The interviewee also is responsible for the analysis of journals and articles analysis before they are sent to the editorial board for final assessment. A graduate of the famous Reeds School of Journalism he exudes confidence in his work having worked in current station for the last 12 years. He is currently the Editorial Manager of the newspaper agency. He insists on the value that sees on the job and says he enjoys the job. The negative aspects of the job include the time that the job takes, as it is seriously involving and demand a lot of time for the analysis and coverage of special features. The advantages that job has is the ability to allow creativity and involves much movement during the look for news. This is very creative and refreshing. The educational training for this kind of job involves attending the university and acquiring a bachelor’s degree in the field of mass communication while specializing in the section of news production. Some of the best places where the skills and training are received include some universities in the country. Examples include the New York University College of media studies where the attainment of a master’s degree is also enhanced.

The job according to the interviewee has very many benefits that serve as job incitements and help in the promotion of quality service to customers and the provision of better services for the customers. Some of the benefits include insurance that the employees are given in partnership with certain insurance companies. The incentives given to the employees include Payolas and benefits. Other popular benefits given to the employees here also include pensions, healthcare schemes, childcare vouchers and season ticket loan. This they claim helps in a number of ways in the promotion of the business. It enhances easier recruitment and improves employee retention. In addition, it enhances faster progress towards achieving business goals. Since the evolution of online business, the company has done, a lot to create massive delivery regarding online advertisement and other forms of delivery that are created online. The company boasts of the highest number of online followers when compared to other newspaper companies. The company recently flag shipped an online platform for compliance and complained to enable adjustments. Print journalism though being intimidated by other sections of writing and specifically seriously, by the internet explosion in the recent century still has a future in the management of information. According to recent research, several people still tend to look into a newspaper for news rather than the internet. This is because most people still believe that originality and confirmation of information on the depend on the papers.

The impact of social media is vast and in the recent years been considered the greatest revolution of the century. The impact of social media on is both economic and social. Several companies are increasingly becoming big earners because of the presence of social media. However demographically the impact of social media is more felt by the youth than by the elder people in the society. It is expected that with the development of time social media will be the greatest change that will ever be considered in history. As in 2008 there were several challenges facing the traditional printing of newspapers that prompted the owners of the print media houses to attempt the creation of native and national newspapers.

In consideration of class lectures, I asked questions that related to the cultural environment of mass communication, where he explained through the manifestations of his current job where he meets diversified culture and has different effects. He also explained the difference between print media and other types of media and the barriers they have to the achievement of successful delivery of information.

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