The US Government’s Election Limits

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Throughout the history of the United States, problems of voting rights, especially the enfranchisement and disenfranchisement of different classes, have been challenged. Since the introduction of the Jim Crow Laws and other similar provisions, along with several other contested voting credentials, rules, and regulations that discourage voters from directly or indirectly elected representatives. Several changes have been made to the constitution in respect of voting rights since the introduction of the Voting Act Right of 1965. In this principle, the article discusses some of the rules meant to discourage specific persons from voting and some of the obstacles that have been made in an attempt to abolish such limits. First, identification cards introduced in the year 2012 became very instrumental in voting. Electorates are required to must present their IDs either in person or through the mail before the imaging team meets to verify them. Also, the law states that the photo on the ID must match the state’s voter role. Married women should also present their valid documents to the Ministry in time. The procedure is done prior because married women do change their names, and if confirmation of their actual names is not carried out in time might infringe them from participating in the electoral process.
Second, a proof of citizenship is paramount to any voter. There are state registration forms used during voting where voters must produce their documentary proof of their nationality. It is done through the original birth certificate, a copy of the marriage license or any other relevant documents to prove one’s nationality. Correspondingly, voters acknowledged as potential non-citizens, a process done through the database, can be allowed to vote but only after proving their nationality.
A political research by Atiba R. Ellis (2016) states that the election process should be organized during the workday. This policy affects many nationalists, especially those from low-income families. Low-income citizens, who require working to feed their families, find it uncomfortable in acquiring these documents. Similarly, the services are scarce in the village areas; thus citizens staying in such areas find it difficult obtaining the documents within the time required. Besides, governmental services in these sectors are sparse compared to those in the affluent areas. Attending to them requires additional expense, which the government has not been providing. Because of this, their participation in the election might not turn up positively. In an attempt solve all the problems, the government has set up agencies to operate in all areas to accommodate those living in remote areas. Likewise, the services are offered full time just the way it is done in the urban areas so that everyone can access them to participate in the elective process.
For the past few years, changes have been poised to create transformation in the legislative agenda. The privacy rules for the Internet service providers are very instrumental in changing the voting dynamics of the state. It makes the process more accurate, faster, and more confidential. It also ensures that all people are reached irrespective of the geographical location of the country. Similarly, the voting days are made public holidays to accommodate everyone. Lastly, the facilities of service providers in the rural areas are improved, and their number is increased to operate the large communities from the low-income families.

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