The tipping point

The tipping point, as shown in the novel, happens when a minor change causes the growth of a large effect, which is also referred to as a pin of great sensitivity. When anything shows signs of being contagious, it is said to be ‘on the verge of tipping’. Furthermore, the tipping point is noticed when a big event is about to occur, causing everything else to shift. The principle of the dramatic moment governs this. As a result, if the dramatic moment presents itself, the tipping point is only around the corner.The basis of stickiness is the capacity of a message to make an impact. As such, it becomes difficult for such a message to be forgotten. “The Stickiness Factor says that there are specific ways of making a contagious message memorable” (Gladwell 31). The presentation and structuring of the information determines the level of impact that the information will make. One television commercial that depicts the element of stickiness is the MacDonald’s commercial that came with the slogan “I’m loving it.” The commercial was also a song by a renowned artist, Justin Timberlake, which could be the reason why the advertisement stuck for a long time.
Question 5
My belief is that the environment considerably affects the characters and intelligence of human beings. In my position, I acknowledge the role of attunement in the environment as a result of the importance it plays in relaying signals and warnings. The appropriate environmental factors ensure that we have both physical and psychological comfort. As a result, it is evident that the environment tends to affect human behavior. Additionally, the environment can influence the mood of an individual in that rooms that are well lit and organised can improve sleep outcomes.
Question 6
Word of mouth is a useful and valuable process that allows products to circulate. In this way, most people tend to believe the suggestions of their friends and family as compared to other modes of advertising. Word of mouth has the reinforcing effect that can evoke emotion which is consistent with creating value. Additionally, apart from just creating the buzz, word of mouth also facilitates sharing of valuable information that will then lead to unique customer experiences. In this regard, products mainly circulate as a result of their merit and their impact on the customers.
Question 7
Connectors are identified as individuals who know many people and have the unique gift of distributing relevant information to a vast numbers of people. “Connectors are important for more than simply the number of people they know” (Gladwell 52). As a result, connectors play a major role in propagating a trend. Careers that connectors possess are related to always referring people to the right experts and services to solve their problems. Also, such people are likely to be found in networking platforms. They possess the skills of being able to connect with people and make acquaintances.
Question 8
A maven ought to have knowledge of different expertise sectors. Therefore, it would be difficult if an individual aspires to accumulate knowledge of only one sector. A maven is likely to be frustrated if he or she lacks information in a particular aspect. However, just like experts, the mavens may specialise in accumulating knowledge on one subject, but they tend to share this information with other people. “Mavens are really information brokers, sharing and trading what they know” (Gladwell 75). Such a person ought to possess information that others do not and, therefore, be on the frontline of effecting change in a particular aspect.
Question 9
A good salesperson should be capable of persuading people on an upcoming project or idea. Such people should not only sell things that they mean to, but rather services, products, and ideas should sell without the intention of the salesperson. The salesmen’s are attracted to the chase of convincing other people to buy their ideas and products. Sometimes, salespeople have the capacity to persuade an individual to buy others items that they did not intend to buy in the first place. For this reason, one can easily purchase products not because they require them, but because of the resilience of the sales person.
Question 11
From the evaluation of the information presented in the book, I consider myself to be a maven. The assessment is based on the fact that it is the maven who communicates to the connectors on what is about to trend. I tend to have collected information on various aspects and am eager to share it with others. Some of the characters that identify one as a maven are the capacity to watch the trends and identify what is in consistently. In this regard, I am always eager to educate and not to sell. I take delight in the identification of the special deals that are available in the market.
Question 12
An example of a sticky message is the fact that the movie theatres in the late 20th century offered popcorn that was full of unsaturated fats that has the capacity of clogging arteries. Although people never took the message with seriousness, what made the message memorable was the campaign by the Center for Science in the Public Interest that the medium-sized popcorn bag contained more fat than the Big Mac and fries and the bacon and eggs breakfast combined with a steak dinner with all the trimmings.
Question 13
For a message to be necessarily sticky, it has to be presented with a simple yet comprehensive manner. Additionally, the message has to be exceptional regarding the content such that it surpasses the expectations of the intended audience. Another thing is that it has to be concrete so that a vivid picture is painted at the moment the message is portrayed. Advertisers have to fulfill these features in addition to being credible and emotional with the expected audience. As such, it has to be factual and also it should make the intended audience feel something such as joy, sadness, fear or even pride. “Conventional advertisers have preconceived ideas about what makes an advertisement work: humor, splashy graphics, a celebrity endorser” (Gladwell 89).
Question 16
Children’s TV is an important medium for delivering significant content as compared to books. In such a medium, the children have the chance to interact with images and sounds as well as other appropriate characteristics that tend to be more efficient than what is learned through books. Television tends to have multiple formats that facilitate triggering of the children’s various senses. “The first was the idea that the more kids are engaged in watching something – intellectually and physically – the more memorable and meaningful it becomes” (Gladwell 129). Another aspect is that children TV is more interesting; watching comedies or sporting events on TV is more interesting to most children as compared to reading about them in books.
Question 19
Having a friendly relationship with a boss allows one to enjoy their work more. As a result, it is possible to work harder and get more done. Although bosses are advised to keep a professional distance from their employees, being friendly will considerably increase the productivity of the subordinates. However, there is the need for regarding professional relationships with intelligence by setting the appropriate boundaries. Being friends with the boss enhances the levels of responsibility compared to what they think.
Question 24
There are several reasons as to why some people pick up smoking habits while others remain clear. The main reason for this is the influence of peer pressure. Since most people are conscious of what others think about them, it is easy to be influenced into taking the first cigarette. This kind of mentality drives people into becoming smokers. Influence by prominent people may also play a role in an individual becoming a smoker.
Question 25
In regard to the nature vs. nurture debate, it is true that the environment plays a significant role in shaping the behaviors of the children as compared to the aspect of personality and genetics. In the case of fraternal twins raised in two different environments, their behaviors may be considerably different. This implies that although the genetic makeup of the two children may be similar, the environmental conditioning will impose different actions and this will result in them becoming different people. Nature and nurture both play significant roles in a person’s development. However, the environment has much more influence on the dimensions of an individual’s life.
Question 28
A successful epidemic occurs as a result of interaction of three main factors: the idea or product being spread, the environment, and the people spreading the idea. However, the occurrence of an epidemic requites the involvement of people with a different set of social characteristics. A great idea is not enough to reach the threshold of a tipping point. The roles of special people who are the mavens, salesmen, and connectors are paramount in causing the epidemic. Therefore, with all the factors in place, a small change can propagate to become a massive change that will tip the world.

Work Cited
Gladwell, Malcolm. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Little,
Brown, 2006.

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