The Theme of Communication of Humans

Humanity is an tutorial discipline that analyses the aspects of human behavior and culture. It entails evaluation of how humans interact with themselves and the surrounding environment. From the study of humanity, we reap knowledge regarding the art, region, linguistics, and a philosophical comparison between the early and modern-day human. As we engage with the study of humanity, we learn specific themes such as communication, creative problem solving, writing, collaboration, and integral thinking. The main theme that I will focus on this paper is the theme of communication. Communication is defined as the conveying of a message from one man or woman to another through various types of media. Humanity enlightens us on the way human beings address each other and how they express their mental perception.

The theme of communication is valuable to me since it defines the best mode of addressing a person without misguiding the person with wrong information. Communication not only focuses on the actual conveying of messages, but it defines the tone, and intention of the message to the receiver. This theme has guided me in life and has enabled me to effectively address my concerns in various situations. For instance, communication is a necessity in a family institution and defines the bond between family members. I used this theme to address my parents and persuade them if I wanted anything. The way you talk to a person determines how you will relate to that person. Using an improper tone will result in aggression, and instead of conveying the message conveniently, it may result to disagreements. Furthermore, I used the theme of communication to understand the best time of communicating sensitive information.

Communication influences the way people interact with others as humans. It integrates other relevant themes such as love and happiness. People cannot express love or happiness without communicating to each other. It is the expression of oneself through communication that derives the intention of love or happiness. Most philosophers say that words can build or destroy. Indeed communication delivers the personal expressions that affect a person’s emotions either positively or negatively.

The theme of communication can be applied to the story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Ursula Le Guin. The story describes the happy mood that manifests in Omelas, which fades away after people start leaving the town to avoid the blame of the miserable child locked in a cage. The themes addressed in the story such as happiness, love, and blame coincides with the theme of communication. From the story, people interact during the festive season while sharing moments of happiness. The author also narrates the free love that exists in the air to reveal the happy mood in that town. That mode of expression brings us back to the theme of communication, which is the basis of happiness and love. People cannot express joyous moments without expressing their affections either verbally or non-verbally. That communication and expressing one’s thoughts results to happiness in Omelas town. The theme of blame manifests in the story where people blamed each other for the pain of the locked up child in the village. That expression of frustration and disappointment from the villagers coincide with the theme of communication, where through communication, they express their grievances. Therefore, communication is an important aspect that provides the bond between people and provides an understanding of people’s perception.

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