The Tea Party Movement

The tea office is a conservative movement that was created after the 2008 economic depression. The tea party was officially registered in 2009 after the president’s Barrack Obama’s inauguration. The tea party is not a political party but rather an extension of the republican party, with the agenda of pushing forth certain policies in America.  The movement hence have borrowed most of their ideologies from the republican party which is an opposition party of the democratic party. The conservative movement seek to improve the welfare of the citizens in America by advocating for policies that would lower the government’s expenditure and ensure that the public resources are well supplied an in adequate capacity. For instance, the tea party would recommend that the federal government reduce the interest rate and also ensure that the revenue collected is used for appropriate means and hence not wasted on factors that would not benefit the normal citizens.

            The followers also felt that reducing the government expenditure would also translate to lower interest rates as the government would not need so much funds to finance its activities. Further, the republican part also realised that the government had a lot of control of the private ventures. Business people also felt that their country was turning into a sociologist country and hence there was a need to ensure that the government had relinquished that power altogether or had lesser control. Crony capitalism was hence a major point for consideration and the tea party officials hence wanted a guarantee that once they establish a business, it would succeed regardless of the influence that the officials had and the relationships that the business owner has with the government agencies.

            The rise of the tea party has indeed been beneficial to the republican party. The members strongly source for factors that the members of the public would fight against and they push the agenda forward. For instance, President Donald Trump was against the immigrants and he felt that they were taking away the jobs and importunities that were meant for the Americans. Further, President trump also felt that he immigrants were causing insecurities in America and there was hence a need to ensure that they have reduced and they are not always tolerated under whatever circumstances. The tea party hence have aggressively pushed their agenda’s forward and hence offer a great support system to push the objectives of the republican party.

            The tea party should not form their own independent party. Instead, it should still support the motions of the republican party and instead offer them support. Forming a separate part would translate to developing new ideologies which would also not have so much following unlike when they are working with the republican party.

            The tea part as an independent party would be competitive in Texas. Firstly, the issue of government influence in education has raised so much debate. Students feel that the government should add their funding to the students so that they can take less student’s loan. Most of the institutions are taking up huge projects which have to be financed by the students to their disadvantage.

            There should not be more that one competitive party in America. There is only a need to have one strong opposition movement that campaign for the right of the people and that which seems to oppose the activities of the current government. Too many parties may end up dividing the citizens and hence having no advantage.

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