The Strange Case

What are his motives for wanting to unleash a wicked second self?
Because it appears as though Hyde takes over and Jekyll seems to change barring using the potion, he is becoming smaller while Hyde’s stature is growing. Jekyll longs for his former existence where he had friends and was loved, the solely thing that was growing in him used to be his evil side, and he wanted to show it.
What does he say about the effects of the potion he concocted to create the split?
First, he is scared to try the potion as he fears the risks of overdosing, in the case of an overdose it would destroy one of his two halves, the evil side or the remorseful side. When he gathers enough courage, he takes the potion. He undergoes physical and spiritual pain before turning to Mr. Hyde, and he then feels the joy that is reckless.
c) What effect might it have if Lanyon or Utterson took the potion?
Jekyll does not like Lanyon; they were old friends. He describes him using mean words. If he took the potion the evil side of him will be terrible and hard to control. Utterson is a good friend of Jekyll, and he would also have a double life if he took the potion.
d) What kind of things does the potion allow Jekyll (as Hyde) to do?
The potion enables him to execute all his anger and wicked pleasures; he will also be vengeful and fulfill irrational wishes.
e) Does Jekyll attach too much shame to these acts?
No, he does not, because Hyde is free from all conscience.
f) Why does Hyde become uncontainable?
Hyde was evil; he knew that Jekyll controlled their life and if he decided to end it they will both die. Due to this, he started to take control over Hyde even if Jekyll had not taken the potion.

Part Two
I doubt whether the letters were written by the same person. I was looking for a handwriting specialist to help me determine if the handwritings were the same person. I was shocked by the actions of Dr. Jekyll, and also afraid of Hyde. I would show the police the evil deeds of Hyde. The potion did not work as it was expected because of the human nature, evil seems to rule over good, and that is why Hyde takes over Jekyll and Jekyll commits suicide.

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