The statement by Erikson about child rearing practices of a society

Erikson's declaration regarding a society's child rearing activities being a mirror of the community's practices is valid. The ideals that culture has are learned by a child and that is what he/she develops into. Hence, those are the correct values that should be followed, according to the kid. There are some ideals in our culture that the child rearing practices in America represent. For example, society has transformed into one that is not stable, and crime rates are growing (Hetherington, pp. 11). This is because the child rearing practices have changed in America and parents no longer take their works seriously. Restricted television programs to watch has significantly influenced the manner in which I was raised. As a result, I did not get exposed to some behaviors that could change my character in a negative way.
Question #2.
Paget_x0092_s theory on conservation states that the human mind functions in a way that it cannot comprehend information immediately. Instead, it has to go through a series of processes for the mind to construct its knowledge. In this case, asking the children which glass has more water triggers their brain to think of an answer. (Science Buddies Staff, par. 4). They use their observation to construct a reply, in the process, they are in line with the Paget_x0092_s theory on conservation.
Section #2
Divorce is the legal dissolution of matrimony by the court or any qualified organization, which has the power to determine if the marriage will end. Most studies show that most of the children whose parents are involved in divorce, they suffer from psychological problems. The children are often unhappy due to lack of either fatherly love or rather motherly love. This situation makes the child less satisfied with life hence making the child have a weak sense of personal control; the child will experience anxiety and feel depressed most of the time (Bornstein and Bradley, pp. 36). Furthermore, children sexes respond differently towards the issues of divorce in their families. In this scenario, the female child will be more affected by the situation since they are usually closer to their fathers, unlike the male child who is generally closer to their mothers.

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