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The state of one’s health is crucial to one’s well-being. Fitness allows you to enjoy life, avoid illnesses, and age gracefully. Diet, sleep patterns, habits, and attitude are all factors that influence an individual’s health. Actual age is a program that uses people’s answers to calculate their true age and compare it to their actual age. My Real Age is two years and ten months younger than my chronological age. Sticking to my sleep schedule is one of the habits that help me stay young. Sleep is necessary because it allows the body’s tissues and cells to repair themselves. Every night, I make sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep. This necessitates going to bed by 10:00 p.m and ensuring I am up by 5 am in the morning.
One of the behaviors that are keeping me older is limiting diet. According to the website, I am not covering the recommended five food groups. I need to include more vegetables, fruits, proteins and dairy products in my meals. The plan is to change this factor to keep my Real Age down. The process will involve including all the five food groups in my diet. I will also increase my fruit and vegetable intake.
The outcome of my age has surprised me. The website ranks my real age as 2 years 10 months younger than my actual age. This is a surprise, as I did not know that various factors that determine age. This is why people of the same age can look very different. This assignment has helped me as I have the knowledge on who to stay healthy and young. The assignment has also enabled me to understand that regular exercise, right diet and avoid certain habits, as smoking will enable one stay healthy and young.

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