The Speech also known as A time for choosing is a speech made by Ronald Regan

The Speech, also known as A Time for Choice, is a television speech given by Ronald Regan in an attempt to gain election. He used public appeals to illustrate his case, demonstrating how the country requires a different type of leadership, one that is not complacent and dependent on recent achievements to determine the future. The speech employs multiple aspects of jargon to ensure that the audience and viewer hear and see Regan’s point of view without having to see him.
The first rhetorical element of the expression is appealing to the audience’s feelings. Regan plays the Vietnam War card and reaches to parents and spouses of soldiers in this war. He also uses an inartistic proof whereby he uses logic and statistics to show just how the Nation expenditure is not favorable for the future of the country.
He also uses logos, which is logic that aims at showing how the people in this country have freedom and how lucky they are. He uses the example of his Cuban refugee friend and the lesson he tells them that without freedom and availability and ability to achieve their dreams they are not only blessed but also lucky. The logic is without peace, there would be nowhere for the people to go and as such a need to apply it more.
On matters ethics, Regan shows statistically how some things are mainly ideals that as a Nation they are yet to achieve. Things such as government planning need revamping so that duplication of projects meant to help society and common man are not done. On matters pathos, he reaches to the people emotions.
The difference between pathos, ethos and logos is that, by using pathos, Regan aims at people emotions and soft spots, by using ethos he focuses on the ethical aspects of every individual voter and by using logos he gives them facts and urges them to apply their own logic to issues.
I feel that through this article, Regan is able to use all aspects of rhetoric to reach his target audience and he makes sure that he does so in such a way that he is able to reach them and pull them to his side.

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