The Social Theory essay

Do you believe you can be the beginning of a significant transformation that would alter how people think about and approach situations? Anyone who reads Peter Blau’s “Exchange and Power in Social Life” will discover that they have a role to play in creating a social structure that develops naturally without any outside influence. Readers of Blau’s literature become aware that even if authorities may devise rules to establish a social order, it may be challenging to achieve unanimity or conformity if people disagree with the rules. The argument which is based on the concept of social association serves as a solution to some of the social issues that may cause disunity in the society.
Blau’s concept of social associations creates the impression that every person plays an important role in determining how people live. The social argument shows that when a few individuals take the power to create social order, it becomes difficult to address the requirement of every person. The people in authority may come up with conclusions that only consider the wellness of a few individuals and this may cause more problems. The best way to approach issues that include many people is to take the interest of every person into consideration before making the final judgment. Nevertheless, Blau states that individuals will only give in to other suggestions when they get something in exchange (Blau 113). Social associations only become fruitful when all parties take part in the association without force. Otherwise, a society may witness continuous conflicts which are not good for individuals and the entire economy.
The writing by Blau employs individual interest and social structure as the basic theoretical foundations of the argument. The implication in the writing is that individual interest develops the urge to make associations with persons in the social structure. The argument by the Blau creates the awareness that it is impossible to have social structures without individual interests to foster relationship between one person and the other. However, the individual interest should neither be malicious nor have wicked intentions.
Based on the argument Blau gives, it is evident that social order can emerge spontaneously without any influence by the government. The argument proves that individuals who have certain interests can take the initiative to come up with predictable systems that bring together more than a single person to make a change. Blau’s ideology that social associations yield beneficial interactions that satisfy every person appears to generate testable implications. For example, individuals manage to lower cases of racism among them by creating debates that shun persons who practice racism. The debates help to build good relationship among persons who belong to different races. The present American society for example, does not consider a person’s race to be a determinant factor for superiority. The dramatic reduction in racial segregation cannot be attributed to stringent governmental policies but to the agreements individuals have to consider the act as being unethical. Church and Muslim leaders for example, constantly remind their followers to consider the other as being equal regardless of their background.
Blau’s argument that excising power without taking the majority’s opinion into consideration may lead to differences is concrete and readers should take the message seriously. Blau (119) suggests that when leaders fail to engage in constructive talks to come up with suggestions that would benefit every person, power wrangles are likely to occur which may end in further disarray. The statement is true because in the current society, it is common to witness scenarios where leaders stand up against one another for failure to adopt an agreement that satisfies every person. Leaders for example, may develop contradicting opinions on how to make use of public funds when some want to have a large portion of the kitty for their selves, while others want the money to go to its rightful owners. However, the wrangles would not exist if all parties could come together and adopt a conclusion that would suit every member of the society.
The concept of social associations will stand up to evidence because societies are becoming more democratic which gives individuals the choice to make personal decisions and to associate in groups. The future society may witness a scenario whereby whatever happens is solely based on the decisions make by themselves. For instance, individuals will acquire more rights to choose the work conditions that fit them. The interactions they have at their workstations and the decisions they make will lead to the selection of the right leader who does not enforce the policies he or she feels are right, but who considers the plight of every person. The concept may also be applicable in creating regulations that would govern law and order at national level. Leaders may hold talks among themselves while considering their citizens’ opinions to adopt guidelines that would satisfy every person.
Blau argues that is possible to adopt a social order without influence from external forces, particularly the government. The author implies that the primary factors that determines how things ought to happen is the associations people make with each other, and the exchanges they make to attain certain benefits. The argument passes the information that members of the public may revolt against bad leadership, especially when they feel that they don’t have access to their fundamental rights. The writing by Blau passes the information that social order can occur spontaneously when individuals decide to work together to attain change. Finally, it is only wise for individuals to come up with conclusions that would benefit many people and not only a few to avoid misunderstandings that may worsen the condition.

Work Cited
Blau, peter. Exchange and Power in Social Life. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1964.

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