The Social Life of Cultural Value

The author of “The Social Life of Cultural Value,” Asif Agha, is interested in the steps that lead to the formation of cultural values, the actual preservation of norms and how they spread throughout societies, as well as the traits that aid and direct the register’s dissemination to audiences around the world. Analysis of the rise of spoken English in Britain and how it expanded to different ethnicities before becoming a “Received Pronunciation” is done. In the English classes attended, especially on pronunciations in oral literature, I have encountered the phenolexical register, where diphthongs are a given great emphasis on explaining how particular sounds are pronounced in different contexts of words. This register has specified characters that denote the use of the sounds in different wording contexts. Confusion: Apparently, the pronunciation of the words is in line with the career field of an individual. Despite the origin of the pronunciation of the register in Britain, the native folks are also experiencing the word-sounds problems. Could it be because of ignorance of the born English speakers or merely due to a lot of focus being given to its spread to other social population?

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