The Shaping of Consciousness and Pedagogy

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What I believe
Education is an art and science in which democracy triumphs over dominance. The problem-solving approach to education is beneficial in every way because it shows the learners’ true strengths. Because of the existence of individuals, each has their own set of decisions that do not require external interference, this strategy is advantageous.
Banking Definition (Quotation)
“But, in the end, it is the people themselves who are filed away in this (at best) misguided scheme due to a lack of imagination, transformation, and knowledge.”
Quote from Writing and White Privilege
“The teachers rarely explain why the work is being assigned, how it might connect to other assignments, or what idea is that lies behind the procedure or gives coherence and perhaps meaning or significance.”


The two authors are reading from the same script regarding this issue. Freire notes that the banking method turns students into robots where one receives, files then stores the processed information. Applying this method removes the essential freedom in learning. Susan on the other hand through the poem written by the student asserts that they were being forced into a style that was so lame that it makes one question the essence of the learning process.

Oppressive System

What I believe

The people who are often oppressed in the society are people who have always been assimilated into the system. The key mode of solving the problem is by ensuring a paradigm shift in the system for it to be more accommodative. In this way, some structures within the system which accelerate the rate of oppression are destabilized substantially.

Quote from the Banking Concept

“The truth is, however, that the oppressed are not ‘marginals,’ are not people living ‘outside’ society. They have always been ‘inside’ – inside the structure which made them beings for others”

Quote from Writing and White Privilege

“Lack of demonstrating fluency with this standard becomes reason enough to designate a student as ‘remedial and unable to complete the requirements for a college degree.”


The two quotes outline the effect of the system and predetermined standards on the performance of a learner. The teachers are oppressing the students because they view themselves as being superior due to the perception hooked on them of being more knowledgeable. On the other hand, the system of education imposes upon the system unnecessary pressure in that the students have to use the Standard English which according to Susan is a marker of the “educated” middle class. These social groupings according to the two writers are the basis of oppression.

Conscious Nature of People

What I believe

Human beings are conscious beings who naturally have a critical intervention eye which allows them to inquire about decision-making problems. This cognizance is true on the issue of liberation where human beings cannot liberate themselves by simply watching and waiting. Instead, they react to changes in the intentions of men in the world.

Quote from the Banking Concept

“Those truly committed to liberation must reject the banking concept in its entirety; adopt instead a concept of women and men as conscious beings, and consciousness as consciousness intent upon the world.”

Quote from Writing and White Privilege

“Instead these students found imaginative writing to be a critical means of speaking back to their situation, if not resisting the institutional designation of ‘remedial’… The responsibility for resilience should not rest with the students alone.”


The misfortune faced by the education system that was long broken is to blame for all the lack of consciousness as elaborated by Susan. By assuming the mantle, the learners have proper control of their destiny. This idea is reiterated in Freire’s banking concept where he asserts that in the quest for liberation, acts of cognition through communication should be given preference. The authors agree on this idea. Each person has their unique view of the world which is normally perceived through their critical interaction with it.

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